Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Just saw this on Bell of Lost Souls and am feeling kind of ambiguous about it. On one hand, yay! Blood Angels! Given the quality of the starter set plastics, I absolutely welcome it! And Orks! Ooooh, is that the 6th army on the horizon?

Anyway, on the other hand... if the rumour that it's essentially a compilation of 6th ed's Big Black Rulebook , Stronghold Assault and Escalation... I have to confess, I'd feel a bit cheated, having already invested in all of these separate rulebooks... But you know what? I'm not fussed. What I'm really waiting for now is Imperial Guard! Or whatever the hell GW's decided to call them now... Please, oh, please don't let anything in my present collection be rendered hopelessly obsolete...

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