Friday, January 31, 2014

Paint, paint, PAINT!

I've been trying to be a good boy this year and cut back significantly on plastic crack spending. No set rules or goals, I'm just trying to stay away from new kits and work with what I've got. Admittedly, what I've got is pretty significant. :-) In the meantime, I'm trying to catch up on the grey plastic that's already in my inventory. I'm fairly certain anyone with at least 2 armies has a backlog of models just waiting to be assembled, gathering dust while other, favoured models march off to war. Now, ever since producing kitbashed Tycho, I've been feeling inspired to paint more and put in those extra little dabs that make a good-looking army great. I've decided to slowly go over my current armies and, basically, finish painting them. Looking at my Necrons and Deathwing, I've a long, looong way to go.

Anyway, the object of my attention is currently the Dark Vengeance set.  I'm looking at the Chaplain (coz I don't have a plastic chaplain yet), the Librarian (ditto) and the Cultists (coz I understand they're actually rather useful in a CSM list). Mostly, I've been focusing my efforts on the Librarian and Chaplain. Here's the Librarian:

Pretty pleased with how he's turning out. Protip: Leave the arm and backpack unglued when you paint this guy; it makes life a LOT easier. Man, doing force weapons always gives me such a crick in my neck... Here's the Chaplain:

Here's an annoying thing: Nuln Oil. I find sometimes, when I allow large amounts of it to pool in one place, it forms a cloudy white residue. You can see it on the Chaplain's cloak. Shouldn't be too hard for me to cover, but that's really rather vexing. If someone reading this knows what causes it, do tell.

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  1. Not too sure but the reside could be due to some form of surfactant that I assume would be in the wash. Just a wild guess. I too have had such residue spoil all my hard work on a mini and as such I have long stopped using GW washes to create shadows for clothing. Instead, I tend to paint thin layers of the shadow using the appropriate colours. Just my two cents ... nice work on the miniatures by the way. ^^