Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kitbashed Tycho!

I mentioned previously that I was in the mood to paint something nice.Well, since then a whole bunch of other stuff came up and after painting a fortification or two for the FLGS, I decided to throw together some bits to make a Captain Erasmus Tycho for an Armageddon-themed Apocalypse event that's kinda slowly taking off.

Frankly, I just knew I had to kitbash my own Tycho. It's pretty easy for any Blood Angel player to scrounge up the right bits. And I think the original model looks meh. Not nearly dynamic enough. That is not the wrathful angel that is Erasmus Tycho. That's just some grizzled, wounded pretty marine posing for a photo. And I definitely don't approve of that absurd breastplate... Or that absurdly bulky and unwieldly combi-melta... Or even his trademark mask, which is way too bulky to even look like a mask...

So, sod original Tycho; here's my version in grey plastic:

Combi-melta and legs from the lovely new Sternguard Veterans kit.
Arms from the Command Squad.
Backpack and wing-thingy on the left pauldron from the Death Company.
Front torso, head and right pauldron from the Sanguinary Guard.

Note that at this point the head is not glued on yet. If you're gonna follow how I did this, do bear in mind I'm using a lot of Citadel's older colours, so do bear with me...

Here he is after putting on the gold. All the gold bits were first coated with Iyanden Darksun until it's nice and even. After that, I put on a few thin coats of Shining Gold. Shading was done by drawing in the recesses with Agrax Earthshade/Devlan Mud. At this point, Tycho isn't glued onto his base yet. I'd decided I would lavish a bit more love on him, so he gets a cork base...

Aaand he's based. The red loincloth was first coated with Mephiston Red, drowned in Agrax Earthshade, layered with Mephiston Red, then layered again, with Blood Red. Silvery bits, like the skull and eagle on the greaves were done the usual GW way. Base with Leadbelcher, wash with Nuln Oil, drybrush with Ironbreaker, then highlight (drybrush or direct, whichever you're more comfortable with) with Mithril Silver.

All the little jewels were done by first painting them black, then add a curved segment of Mephiston Red, then paint a line of Trollslayer Orange along the outer edge of the segment. Add one little dot of white in the corner, then coat the thing in gloss varnish and that's that!

Parchment is based with Deneb Stone, washed in Agrax Earthshade and little lines painted in black. Red bits on the combi-melta, loincloth right pauldron and left gauntlet are edged with Trollslayer Orange.

I usually do my meltagun barrels with something dark, in this case, Warplock Bronze, then line highlight with Dwarf Bronze.

A couple more tiny details and we're almost there! Didn't want to leave so much empty space on the combi-melta, so I put in a little "text" and a white blood drop symbol. Pretty easy to do something blood drop-shaped at that size. Also edged the black bits with Codex Grey. Just some tiny little touch-ups with the friendly little fine detail brush and here we are:

Well, colour me chuffed. I am pleased. This is the prettiest HQ unit I have ever produced and it'll be a while before inspiration strikes me hard enough to top this.

All I need now is to figure out a list with him in it and give him his baptism of fire...

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