Sunday, January 26, 2014

A little Blood Angel love... 3 years overdue!

So, having put Captain Erasmus K. Tycho together, I was spoiling for a fight with my Blood Angels over the weekend, to give the little dude his baptism of fire, so to speak. Alas, it was not to be, as I only managed to get in 1 game, at 1,000 pts. At 1,000 pts, Tycho is something of a meaningless point sink, so I opted for other things, but to cut a long story short, gaming-wise, my weekend was crap.

The K stands for Kitbashed!
That having been said, I dusted off some of my older Blood Angel models for the first time in ages, and you know what? I felt inspired to dab a little love on the old tanks and bring them to war...

These 2 Baals served me for yonks, and only this weekend did I get round to putting the finishing touches on the lenses and jewels. Still need a little more work and cleanup here and there. I've decided these guys absolutely must be part of my next few Blood Angel lists, simply because I have something of a soft spot for these models.

I've decided to spruce up this guy, too. Did up its lenses and am currently working my way through washing all the rivets with Devlan Mud and touching up the shading here and there.

So many nice, big open areas to work with! Suffice it to say, I absolutely have to slap on a decal or two or three...

And when the decals are done, there will be weathering. Nothing more fancy than a quick dirtying with Calthan Brown planned, but it'll do for now.

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