Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Guard needs moar gun...

Adding a little more to the Red Thunder - I've more or less expanded as far as I'm willing in terms of vehicles, so the only thing left is to fill in the infantry element. Those of you who know me will know I'm fairly cautious in collecting. When I choose a model, I generally go for things that:
  1. Look good on the tabletop; (I will never field Centurions, Dark Talons, Land Speeder Vengeance, Nemesis Dreadknights...)
  2. Pop a can of whupass on said tabletop (admittedly, some units may need a little coordination to achieve said whupass, e.g. the Catachan Devils)
  3. Have cool fluff; 
  4. Probably won't get nerfed into total uselessness. (Alas, poor Sanguinary Guard...) 
  5. Are PLASTIC. Coz I hate how paint chips off metal so easily and Failcast is full of fail. 
So, with that in mind, here's more crew-served dakka for the Red Thunder!

Yeah, I know, the 2nd crewman has yet to be attached. The thing was, I want to do at least a reasonable job of painting and basing and if I had glued the 2nd dude onto the base, that would have made it painfully difficult to reach all the bits with my brush. So, I'm doing them in 2 stages. The 2nd guy will be placed as follows:

Or maybe on the other side of the lascannon, I haven't decided yet.

Now, when I get round to painting the 2nd guy, I won't be able to just slap on some plastic glue and plonk him down wherever I want. To get a good, secure joint, I'll pin him into place as shown:

If you haven't constructed the Heavy Weapons Squads before, bear in mind there are 2 different sets of kneeling legs, with the one where the legs are bent lower meant to be for the gunner.

So, where do these guys fit in my army? Here's a look at the infantry element of a list I've got in the works...

Yeah, I know the Vets look just like the regular infantry, just gimme a few test games before I paint squad markings on, k?

Quite simple enough. The Company Command have long range dakka, so they'll sit far away from the front lines and put that BS4 lascannon to good use, preferably in a bunker (see previous post). The 2 teams of Veterans and the Platoon Command will move around in Chimeras, supporting the main thrust of my advance. The Infantry Squads will be somewhere near Company Command, and claim objectives or just make a nuisance of themselves. And of course, Sly Marbo is there to do what Sly Marbo does: deliver a nasty demolition charge, make Rambo noises, and die horribly to retaliatory fire.

Sounds solid enough to me. Now I just need to test it...

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