Sunday, January 12, 2014

Getting Fortified!

Been busy helping the FLGS paint up some fortifications to bolster its scenery pool and, of course, let the place have some nice fortifications to experiment with, the better to showcase the joys of Stronghold Assault. That said, no-one's really dived into Stronghold Assault yet, but I've been poring over its pages quite a bit and I like it. I've always fancied the idea of having an attacker and a heavily fortified defender and Stronghold Assault does exactly that, with some consistent rules and a range of pretty nice fortification models to go with it.

One fun idea that I think would be cool to try is to field an Imperial Guard army and replace ALL the vehicles with an epic fortification network. It probably won't be all that effective, but man, it'll look awesome...

Here's a quick pic of stuff I did last week:

The Aegis Defense Line is also done and tabletop ready. Right now, I'm working on the next fortification that will give us the minimum required to field a proper Fortification Network - a Bastion. It's a BIG model, constructed with big slabs of plastic, so it'll need a bit of extra effort to make sure everything fits nicely. Here we see my method of choice - rubber bands!

Being an older model, the Bastion is also pretty flimsy. Big sections of pretty thin plastic, held together by rather weak joints. So, during the course of its construction, I reinforced it where I could by snipping up bits of the plastic sprue to use as supporting struts and gluing them in place: 

A quick spray and lotsa drybrushing later and here's where we are now:

Let's see if I can get this ready for the weekend...

In other news, the new Tyranid codex has just been released. My heart goes out to all the Nid players out there. I myself started dabbling in 40k with Nids back in 3rd edition. I've no idea where that army is right now. Anyway, if Frontline Gaming's batrep is anything to go by, the Nids got their narrative forged pretty hard...

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