Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quick update

Been a while since I posted anything, so I'm just gonna leave an update on what's been going on.

First off, I've been involved in a big game of Apocalypse. 10,000 pts and 3 players a side, with an Armageddon theme, i.e. Orks vs the Imperium. As elected Warmaster for the Imperials I spent a hell of a lot of time planning and plotting how to annihilate my Orky foes, and to fit the event, I had kitbashed Tycho here.

Ooh, what's that, Tycho? Got a new trophy for yourself, I see! That pretty much says everything about how that Apocalypse game went... :-)

For the game I had also assembled a couple of gunslinger sergeants. Those of you who have looked at the Blood Angel codex a little more closely will note that Blood Angel Assault sergeants can wield 2 pistol weapons at once. So, for 240 pts, I can deep strike 4 melta weapons with the Blood Angels' signature accuracy. Sounded good to me, and especially lethal in games of Apocalypse, where the Precision Coordinates Strategic Asset pretty much guarantees these guys will be a position to seriously hurt something. Honestly, though, paired pistols are just too cool not to take. I just wish models were allowed to use them in close combat in the same way as Cypher.

While scouring my collection for stuff to field in the big Apoc game, I noticed poor old Sgt Gideon from Space Hulk. Dug him out and am currently working on finishing him off.

I've been a bit naughty with Gideon. He really hasn't seen all that much combat, let alone against Tyranids, to warrant the placing of that lovely trophy at his feet. Still, at some point he'll make a lovely Terminator Captain. Just a couple of final little touches to go. And when he's done, I've lots of Tactical Marines that still need my attention. And when *they're* done...

In case there's any doubt at all on what's in the box...

Oh, yes... It'll be quite some time before I get this guy operational, though. That's what I've been working on, and now I've gotta get back to work, so, I'm-a sign off here.

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