Saturday, March 22, 2014

House Raven goes to war!

Aaaand here it is!

So, I took the big beastie to war today, pairing him with my Blood Angels. It wasn't an optimal list, but soddit, I just wanted to pop the knight on the board and see how it rolls. It was awesome. As someone who's fielded a Hellhammer in Escalation games at 1,750 pts, the Knight is a somewhat different experience. It is a very clear and palpable threat, but nowhere nearly as spectacularly destructive as the Hellhammer. And with only 6 hull points and max armour value of 13, it's really not that hard to kill. Anyway, I'm gonna be experimenting more with it. Here's what I have to say hobby-wise about some of the most recent touches.

The decals are awesome. Excellent quality and they go on like a dream. These bigger ones on the shoulder pads, however, will need some knifework to get them in place, and a touch of paint to finish.

The rocks on the base are actually bits of broken glass. Picked up a bag of the stuff from some petshop. They're for aquariums, apparently. I use them when I need particularly nice rocks. Here's how they're done...

First off, a coat of black...

Drybrush with Dawnstone or Codex Grey...

Final drybrush with Ulthuan Grey and that's that.

Truth be told, there's still a little work to do on tthe Knight, but hell, he's ready for battle. Game-wise, I think it's absolutely awesome. A beautiful centrepiece model that allies seamlessly with all my Imperial armies. Hobbywise, a joy to build and paint, and I'll be adding little bits to the base, touching up the highlights and perhaps get some weathering done over the coming weeks.

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