Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Behold! Omnijack!

Okay, so I haven't gotten round to finishing the paint job, but I've been doing a lot of reading on this site lately and figured I might as well make use of all those lovely spare arms that came with the warjack. It's great! A little Blu-tack happily holds the arms in place, and I can take my pick between Marauder, Destroyer, Decimator and Juggernaught, just with a quick arm swap. Just need a couple more jacks and, apart from, say, Berserkers, Spriggans and Devastators, that's all the jacks I'll ever need.

In other news, Discount Games Store has continued to disappoint me greatly. 6 weeks since the date of purchase and no sign of the blasted thing. Looks like I'll be getting my Battle Box from somewhere else.

Meanwhile, the Winter Guard are slowly nearing completion:

A closer look at the sarge, who's nearest to complete:

 Just a couple more dabs of paint and that'll be that. Then, all I need is a victim. Oi, CK, you in CM this weekend? :-D


  1. I will be, yes. Except my army isn't ready yet; my Man-o-War and Iron fang will arrive two weeks later.

    1. It's ok, just bring your Irusk, Juggernaught and Widowmakers and we'll just go a few rounds to get the hang of the rules. When are you going? I expect I'll definitely be in for Saturday for a 40k scrap against Red...