Sunday, May 27, 2012

Batrep: Blood Angels vs Vanilla Marines, 1750pts

In between games of Warmachine, I got in a game against Wong using my Double Deathstar list. Here's what I was up against:

Marneus Calgar
10 Terminators with 2 Cyclone missile launchers and some chainfists
5 Assault Terminators, two with Lightning Claws, the rest with hammers and shields
5 Scouts with sniper rifles, camo cloaks, a missile launcher, combi-plasma and teleport homer
5 Scouts with sniper rifles, camo cloaks, a missile launcher, combi-plasma and teleport homer
5 Scouts with sniper rifles, camo cloaks
Land Raider with  multimelta and extra armour

15 Terminators, 15 Scouts and a Land Raider, led by the most illustrious commanders of the Ultramarines. Egads...

Mission: Seize Ground. 4 objectives.
Deployment: Dawn of War. Wong won the roll-off and deployed first.
The Battlefield: Alas, I didn't get a pic of the empty battlefield. You'll see it soon enough. Wong deployed 2 squads of Scouts in forward positions. One squad of Scouts (the one without a teleport homer) would outflank. His big squad of Terminators were split into combat squads. One squad with all the Cyclones would walk in on the first turn with Tigurius. The other had all the chainfists and would teleport in from reserve. Calgar would ride on in style with the Assault Terminators in the Land Raider.

The Grand Plan: Of course, his Assault Terminators would be riding in his Land Raider with Calgar. I figured if I could crack that open and get the charge with my Terminators, that should be enough to break the back of his army and give me the game. Because of his low model count, I had an advantage in firepower, with my Razorbacks quite capable of focusing on individual squads of Terminators and mauling them quite badly. So, the plan? Screw the objectives, just kill. My Redeemer and Stormraven will go hunting his Land Raider. Other elements will keep close to my Redeemer and gun down everything within reach. Scouts will camp an objective and be irritating.

Turn 1:
Smurfs: Calgar and Tigurius walk onto the board. Some shots were taken at my Scouts, but cover was kind to me.

BA: My vehicles hurtle onto the board, taking potshots at the nearest squad of Scouts, but didn't manage to kill anything.The Stormraven managed to shred 2 scouts from a squad in a building to the right.
The board at the end of Turn One

Turn 2: 
Smurfs: Wong's chainfist Terminators arrive and pop up beside his Scouts in the ruined aquila. Tigurius casts Gate of Infinity and teleports his squad to the other side of that same Scout squad. The Land Raider moved up and Calgar and his squad disembarked. Wong appeared to really want that Stormraven dead!

Predictably, the shooting phase consisted of Wong's whole army focusing their guns on the Stormraven. It was wrecked, and out popped the Furioso, using the wreckage as cover from the Land Raider's guns.

Blood Angels: The Furioso stomped forward to bring its Frag Cannon to bear, with the Redeemer close behind. 2 Razorbacks and the Predator circled round the left flank to attack the leftmost squad of Terminators. The other Razorback nipped behind the wrecked Stormraven.

Shooting saw much carnage, with the Furioso scoring 5 (!) rending hits on Tigurius' squad, leaving only the Cyclone terminators and Tigurius unharmed. On the left, the chainfist Terminators were shot to pieces by the Razorbacks and Predator, leaving 1 survivor. I don't remember much of the other shooting, but during this turn, the Scouts pulled off the Most Important Shot of the Match. Yes, really, it deserves capitals. They managed to nick a wound of Marneus Calgar with a sniper rifle! But what's worse, he failed the pinning check! Calgar's squad, pinned within assault distance of my Deathstar unit? The game was pretty much over...

Turn 3:
Not much to say. His Land Raider blew away the Furioso. I moved up, fired the Redeemer's multimelta and nuked his Land Raider. Other shooting saw his lone Terminator cut down. During Assault, Tigurius couldn't stop me from using Unleash Rage, and at the end of it, Calgar stood alone against 4 of my Terminators and a Librarian.

From this point on, the game went downhill for Wong, with no hope of recovery. The game ended on Turn 6 and Wong  had 3 Scouts left on the table.

Afterthoughts: I got lucky. Seriously, the odds of pulling off that shot which pinned Calgar's squad were insane. A 0.035% chance by any given scout, by my reckoning. 1.5% if you take into account the other 2 sniper scouts and their sergeant. Of course, there were a couple of other things I had going for me, most notably:
- the quick destruction of the chainfist Terminator squad.
- the absurd number of rending hits scored on the Cyclone Terminator squad.
- the one-shot explodey demise of his Land Raider

Between these 4 events, all the major threats in Wong's army were effectively neutralized. I have to say, I've been getting absurdly lucky with my current list. Makes me kinda paranoid for my next game against Chaos Marines...

Anyway, that's it from me for now. Til next time, happy wargaming...

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