Monday, May 28, 2012

Army List: Blood Angels Double Deathstar, 1750pts

... or at least Double Deathstar until such time as I figure out a better name. Each time I've fielded this list, it's been an absolute blast. Here it is, in as much glory as I can manage with my camera and limited photography skills:

WYSIWYG with 5 pts spare. Searchlights for everyone!

Read on for the story of what does what...

Terminators, Librarian and Priest - The good old Deathstar. If no-one stops the Librarian from casting Unleash Rage, those Lightning Claws are charging with 16 S5, I5 power weapon attacks which reroll to hit and wound. The army is centred around making sure this unit charges and smashes into where it hurts most. How? See below...

Stormraven & Furioso Dreadnought - These ALWAYS go together. Deployment depends entirely on what kind of foe I face. Usually, the Dreadnought travels alone in the Stormraven, and hurtles straight into enemy lines, with a specific mission: Put the Dreadnought where the Frag Cannon will hurt. If I can pull that off, the Dreadnought will make his points back in one salvo. This is usually quite enough to throw the enemy off enough to ignore the Redeemer full of Terminators headed their way.

Land Raider Redeemer - The Terminators usually ride here. With the Stormraven acting as a distraction, it's not too difficult to get in a position to put those Flamestorm Cannons to good use. More often than not, the Priest will stay inside, while the Terminators go to work.

Razorback Assault Squads - These guys zip around, claim objectives and ping away with their guns. The Razorback turrets provide firepower which can reliably blat light vehicles and kill any infantry. If I'm facing serious mechanized opposition, then there's no point in that kind of gunfight, I'm better off zipping off at full speed into enemy lines, pop smoke and basically get in close, so the squads inside can nuke something with their melta weapons.

Scouts - Nothing complicated here. Camp on an objective and harass with potshots from their sniper rifles and missile launcher. The sniper rifles won me my most recent game :-D

Predator - Two main roles: 1) Fire support, mainly shooting at transports and flyers. 2) AV 13 screen for the Razorbacks.

So far, I've fielded this army three times, once each against Space Wolves, Blood Angels and Vanilla Marines. Each time, I've gotten absurdly lucky. Against the Space Wolves, the Stormraven survived a ludicrous deluge of firepower to drop the Furioso and Terminators straight into the main body of troops. Against the Blood Angels, the Stormraven made some silly number of cover saves and zipped around, nuking or crippling about 4 vehicles. Against the Vanilla Marines, well, the Scouts shone...

I love this army. Against shooters like the Space Wolves I faced, it's fast enough to close and wreak havoc. Against Deathstars, I can maneuver quickly enough to pop the enemy Deathstar's transport, soften it with firepower, then counter with my own Terminators. This is easily the most versatile list I've concocted and man, am I hoping it survives the transition to 6th edition..,

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