Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Moar Khador!

A package arrived! Not the Battle Box, but some Khador stuff I'd ordered to put together my first 20 pt army (which isn't quite straight out of the Battle Box). And it didn't quite arrive, I received a note from the mailman saying that since I wasn't in, the package was waiting for me at the Central Post Office. I was so excited I rushed over, snapped it up and sat down to assemble and spray them right away. Here's the Butcher with his new friends...

L to R: Manhunter, the Butcher, War Dog. Behind is a Decimator

I currently intend to play the Butcher in this 20 pt list:

The Butcher
5-man Man-O-War Shocktroopers

Why Decimator? I've no idea. I get a juggernaught and a Destroyer in the Battle Box (if it ever arrives) so I figured for my first few games I'd experiment a bit. Anyway, that's it for now. There's work that needs doing. Will update as I slap more paint on...


  1. I'll fight you for the first battle of CM with my Irusk list, ho ho!

    1. With Terminators as proxies, I can bring 14 pts to the table this weekend. Got a rulebook? Coz I was kinda hoping my Battle Box would have arrived a month ago...

    2. I think Privateer Press has the quick start rules for free and downloadable. I have the Khador rulebook which I... *cough*liberated*cough from gypsies.