Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Khador WIP

Here's where I am now with my Khador force:

Manhunter (Manhuntress?)
Moar axes!

The Butcher's big horrible axe for casters and warjacks, the manhuntress' little axes for little men, yes?

 War Dog

I've decided the Butcher's dog will be black; a great horrible rabid hellhound to match the Butcher's own termperament...


Blu-tack holds the weapons in surprisingly well. Alas, even a Khador warjack is too puny to make a passable proxy Dreadnought! Note the slight difference in the red. The Furioso is Dragon Red + a Baal Red wash. The Decimator is Mephiston Red + a layer of Blood Red. Will definitely put up another pic when I've got the red shaded and highlighted.

In other news, I'm *still* waiting for that Battle Box...

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