Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yay! New Camera!

I've just gotten my hands on a lovely Sony Cybershot and have been snapping away at bits of my army...

Here's the Captain, Aphael of the 2nd Company. Why 2nd? Well, for the benefit of those not intimately familiar with the fluff...

Don't mind the Japanese. Anyway, 2nd Company's markings are nice and easy to paint, is what I'm getting at. Of course, a Captain in a Blood Angel army is about as useful as an immobilized Death Company Dreadnought. Here's a more useful HQ choice, with the obligatory bodyguard:

And here's what I did with a Lemartes model, for use on the rare occassions when I decide to field Death Company.

Next, my Chaos Lord, because I'm just rather pleased with how that arm turned out :-D

I went back and went over the Daemon Prince with Ogryn Flesh, then layered again with thinned-down Blood Red, to deepen the shadows a bit. Also decided to highlight the tips of the fingers to Bubonic Brown.

Okay, next up, a closer look at the current WIP...

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