Friday, August 12, 2011

Booorn to be Wiiiiild....

... and spikey!

At the time I wrote this and the previous 2 entries, I had just finished my first game with my WIP Chaos army. I dunno what possessed me to turn from the Emperor's Light. Oh wait, I do. The plastic Daemon Prince is SUCH a cool model!

I really should get round to giving him a suitably cool name. For the moment, I just call him the Flying Upyours Daemon. Oh, what's that in his hand...?

Oh, my... he's been busy...

So, anyway, I picked up the Daemon Prince, built him, painted him, then wondered... Where now? Chaos Daemons? Or Chaos Marines? I've already got Grey Knights and piles of Blood Angels, so Daemons? In the end, it came down to 2 simple things:
1) There are no PLASTIC Greater Daemons. Boo...
2) After Blood Angels and Grey Knights, I'm too lazy to paint Troops choices any more complicated than Black Legion marines...

So to make things at least a little different from the Angels and Knights, I went with a different direction. Here's the army list I used today:

Chaos Lord on a bike with Mark of Khorne and Daemon Weapon
Daemon Prince with wings and Warp Time

7 Khorne Berzerkers, with 1 Skull Champion with power fist and 2 plasma pistols, in a Rhino with Havoc Launcher
9 Chaos Marines, with 1 Aspiring Champion with power fist and 2 meltaguns, in a Rhino with Havoc Launcher

Heavy Support
Defiler with Havoc launcher
Vindicator with Daemonic possession

Fast Attack
6 Chaos Bikers, with 1 Biker Champion with power fist, 2 meltaguns and an Icon of Khorne

Total PV: ~1495pts

I built this list mostly around fun. I love the idea of having crazed spikey bikers slamming into enemy lines at breakneck speed. Also, watching Cpt Slaughter's Rejects as much as I do, I had to have a Deffy!

Much love went into the construction and painting of the Chaos Biker Lord. Since I didn't expect to be using any Possessed Marines from the CSM Battleforce anytime soon, I cannibalized them for parts, resulting in...

It's an absurdly spikey model. Most people ask to have a closer look, then spend a few seconds wondering just how one is supposed to pick him up! It's often remarked that the bike seems closer to daemonhood than the rider. I for one am pleased with him, especially with how the Daemon weapon turned out.

I just played my first game with him against mechanized Guard, using the list mentioned above. Truth be told, I'd have been happy if he could just debut by getting into close combat for the first time and not accidentally stab himself with his Daemon weapon. As it turned out, he managed to charge the Company Command Squad all by his lonesome and wipe them out! So yes, I was very chuffed indeed, and the fact that the next turn, he and his biker gang were vapourized by half a mechanized Guard army's worth of melta weapons and ordnance did nothing to dampen my spirits. Eventually, I would get tremendously lucky and win that game, 6 kill points to 5. The Skull Champion was my one and only model with legs surviving.

So yeah, with this post my introduction to my 3 armies is concluded. It's late now, so until next time...

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