Monday, August 22, 2011

WIP: BA Assault Terminators and Assault Marines

Decided to take a step backwards over the weekend and dig up some old models that I'd picked up out of early enthusiasm but then ended up on hold for several months as I went in the direction of mechanized BA. Here are the Terminators, shortly after spraying with Krylon Burgundy and Blood Red:

5 Hammers and shields, 2 Lightning Claws. In the front row, centre and left are a couple of Space Hulk models, painted the hard way

And the Assault Marines:

10 marines, 2 meltaguns and a Sarge with Powerfist. Standard stuff, really.

The meltaguns are the metal ones from the GW site. Some of these models were constructed before I got my hands on a drill, so you may notice a couple of bolt pistols haven't had their barrels bored out yet. Also, some of the marines in the back row haven't had their heads glued on yet. I figured it would be easier to leave them off for the moment, seeing as, keeping with Blood Angel fluff, I intend to paint them yellow.

Of course, seeing as I'm headed in the direction of using BA up close and personal, I couldn't not have a Sanguinary Priest or two. I picked up an Apothecary some months back and split it to get more bang for my buck, resulting in...

I've still got an Apothecary torso lying around waiting to be put to good use. Another jumping Priest, methinks.

Here's a pic of the inking phase, where I slosh Baal Red onto all the bits that are meant to be red, just to make sure the red bits are really, really red:

2 are inked, 2 are not. Can you tell? I bloody can't. Seriously gotta get a better camera...

I'm currently slogging through the horrible tedium of blacking out all the bits which aren't meant to be red. Here's the Assault Sarge and another grunt:

Blacklining done with the handy-dandy pen, of course. The Terminators, though, get a bit more love. They get shaded using a mixture of Scab Red and Chaos Black that I also use to shade my vehicles (more on them later, you can be sure of that!). So here are the Lightning Claw Terminators...

As yet, I haven't quite figured out how to fit them in my army list, but I'm thinking of having 5 Assault Terminators, a plain Sanguinary Priest and a Librarian (with Unleash Rage and Shield of Sanguinius) riding a Stormraven in, with a Chaplain and some Death Company and a Death Company Dreadnought riding in another. Points wise that 580pts and 650pts respectively, leaving not much at all for the rest of the army. Ah, well, no rush. I'll just paint first and sort out fiddly details later...

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