Sunday, March 31, 2013

Zounds! The Tau!

At long last, the Tau get their update! Truth be told, I kind of had a soft spot for the Tau. I loved the idea of unleashing crushing amounts of firepower with swish battlesuits stomping and flying about. And now this!

Yay! Plastic Pathfinders! And man, that Broadside is looking nice. I'm not so sure about the Riptide, though. Well, no point getting ahead of ourselves. I'm still having too much fun with Deathwing, and I've decided that's IT for hobby spending for this year. Well, at least until Deathwing is 100% painted.

Also, I want a good look at the Codex. So far, here are the arguments for and against the Tau, in my book:


  • 100% Plastic Army! No need for fricking Finecast! As it is, I'm tempted to kitbash a plastic Belial...
  • Excellent allies! These blue commies will ally with damn near any faction of the 41st millennium, being somewhat distrustful only with Orks, Dark Eldar and Chaos Daemons. 


  • Budget limitations. I've far too much going on this year. Regardless of how much I like the Codex, I think Tau is going to have to be a project for 2014. 

Well, the budget limitation trumps all arguments for, really. So, for the moment, Tau are just another bunch of scruffy xenos that I'm looking to kill with as much ludicrous violence as I can fit in a 6' x 4' table...

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