Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fun idea: DAEMONS!

Just got a peek at the new Daemons codex and was fairly surprised at the direction it's taken. Lesser daemons are *cheap* as hell and one can put together some pretty awesome horde armies with it. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with Khorne's entries, seeing as it looks kind of hard to bring hordes of Bloodletters to bear without taking some pretty nasty casualties. Just imagine what a decent dakka army would do to their measly T3 hides! Tzeentch, however, struck me as interesting. Take this unit:

20 Pink Horrors led by a Level 3 Herald of Tzeentch with an Exalted Reward and Exalted Locus of Conjuration

Assume, of course, that the Herald has Prescience. That's 4D6 twin-linked S6 AP4 shots, 3D6 from the Herald (who had spent 1 charge on Prescience) and 4D6 from the Horrors. Which scores, deep strikes and, with that Exalted Reward (read: Portalglyph), churns out small gangs of scoring daemons at random. All for the tidy sum of 330 pts. I think I might have a project for when I'm done with Deathwing...


  1. Don't forget about the crazy Lamprey's Bite from Screamers.

    Don't dick around with S5 AP2 hits man.

    1. Ap2 is nice, but S5 is simply not a reliable vehicle killer, even with armourbane. In an allied detachment, Screamers will not be my anti-vehicle weapon of choice.