Friday, March 1, 2013

Deathwing progress so far...

Slow! Very slow! But it's ok, Deathwing is meant to be a labour of love. It's not a killer competitive army, and there are a few reasons I'm building it in stark contrast to my other armies:

  1. It's freaking DEATHWING! Like I said, it was Space Hulk that first drew me to 40k, and I've always loved the idea of fielding squads of absurdly outnumbered bone-white Terminators to possible glory! 
  2. Easy to carry. 1 cheerful little KR cardboard case, compared with any of my other armies, which sit in 2 such cases plus a couple more boxes wrapped up in a furoshiki. Much better for my aging spine... 
  3.  IVORY spray paint! Gets a lot of the most tedious bit of Deathwing out of the way. I do intend to lavish a bit of painting lurve on this army, in stark contrast to my Necrons and Chaos armies, which, frankly, are a product of my desire to put a solid army on the table with the minimum amount of painting effort. 
  4. Finesse. I have none. My armies to date are all pretty blunt instruments, with quite a bit of room for error. Taking to the field with 29 Terminators is an exercise in very artful gaming, in my opinion. 

Anyway, some pics!

Makes a mighty fine Relic, even when it's not perfidious.

What's on the table now.  Note the Blood Angel Librarian, who'll be marching with his Deathwing brethren. 

The Cylone launcher from the Deathwing boxed set fit the Dark Vengeance Terminators perfectly!

I freaking HATE Finecast, but what the hell, I suppose I can endure one model.  This is Belial in the middle of the most tedious bit of the process: blacking out everything that isn't meant to be bone-white. Errors are easily covered up with a mix of Screaming Skull and  whatever White is handy. 

Easy scenic bases. Take a slab of corkboard, rip out a chunk and superglue it on your base.  The edges are later touched up with PVA glue and sand. 

Spray black and drybrush once with Codex Grey, and again, lightly with Astronomicon Grey.
Add one Terminator. All the Terminators were sprayed with Ivory like this, with a paperclip glued into a hole drilled into their feet. I then snip off the paperclip, drill a hole into the cork and base, and glue the Terminator in for a nice, solid bond.  
The Sergeant here is a work in progress, and I'm pretty pleased with how it's turning out. 

If you remember this, you're awesome. 

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