Monday, March 18, 2013

WIP: Belial

Master of the Deathwing and leader of my thus far rather fortunate army of Terminators, Belial!

Yah, I went with the GW-prescribed Finecast. I figured I'd give Finecast another go. Bad idea. I officially hate Finecast and am never touching the stuff again. Call me a noob, but the cleaning is just way more fiddly than I can be bothered to deal with.

Still a bit more to go, i.e. the banner, the sword and bits of highlighting here and there. I've decided the sword, despite being the AP3 piece of crap that it is, will get a nice blendy blue paintjob. And then coat after coat after coat of varnish.

I'm pretty pleased with how the base turned out, given how easy it was to do. Anyway, that's it from me. There's work to do, and feline mischief to thwart, by the sound of it...

Update: Here's the banner!

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