Sunday, December 16, 2012

Other hobby updates

My Blood Angels have been seeing quite a bit of action lately as I experiment with getting the right balance of killy and fun. Hobby-wise, however, they are at a near-total standstill, other than the occasional dab of paint every now and then. Anyway, never mind them, here's what's been going on on other fronts...

I've been getting bored with my pButcher and pSorscha lately, so I figured it was time to move on to a new caster. As such, after playtesting with a proxy for a few games, I figured pVladimir was my man:

Again, a pretty straightforward caster, with an excellent support spell which enhances the whole army regardless of the army's composition. I'd tried him out with Winter Guard, with jack-heavy lists and with Man-O-War Shocktroopers and Widowmakers. He is simply excellent. This guy and a plastic Spriggan will be my next additions to my Khador forces.

I tried Karchev, too, and he looked like fun, but I figured I'd rather stick to little Vlad first, then move on to another project... 

I've been making slow, SLOW progress with my Menoth. I've a small pile of Menoth stuff on the way, most notably these guys:

I really love the idea of a whole army of knights with Weapon Master. I find it a little annoying that the Choir is pretty much a must-have unit if you don't want to be plodding around with the worst jacks in the Iron Kingdoms. Still, with the Choir about, they do pack a righteous punch. A worthwhile project for 2013, I think...

Chaos Space Marines
In my few games with CSM, I wasn't quite satisfied with the killiness, so I'm tinkering around a bit. Got a Helldrake on the way and I'm putting together some autocannon Havocs. 115 pts for 4 BS4 Autocannon is gloriously efficient gunishment. Here's a Havoc I just put together, next to Heavy Stubber cultist dude.

Also, I've noticed another little something about the CSM codex - Lascannons are cheap! Check this out:

- 5 Vanilla Marine (or current Dark Angel) Devastators with 4 Lascannons = 230 pts
- 5 Blood Angel Devastators with 4 Lascannons =190 pts
- 5 Long Fangs with 4 Lascannons = 175 pts
- 5 Havocs with 4 Lascannons = 155 pts!

I'd like some of that, I think...

Dark Angels
I've no idea what the new Codex is going to bring, but in anticipation of some Deathwing goodness...

... which will also be put to good use on my fledgling Menoth army. Joy, joy....

And that's it from me. Until next time, happy wargaming...

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