Monday, December 24, 2012

IG: Sabres vs Heavy Weapon Squads

Got in a game yesterday against Ian's Traitor Guard. He uses massive swarms of painstakingly converted Infantry Squads and it's always a pleasure to take on an army with so much effort put into it. The last time I faced this army was with my Necrons in 5th Ed, I think, at which point Ian quickly learnt the horrors of facing Tesla weapons with masses of infantry.

This time round, I used Chaos Space Marines with IG allies (for the Vendetta and a Leman Russ, of course) and got defeated after a good close scrap. Ian's army has received a massive upgrade in the form of 8(!!!) Sabre Weapon Platforms (see Imperial Armour Aeronautica). If you're a Guard player, these are a seriously powerful upgrade to your army. These things can be taken in batteries of 1-3 guns instead of a Heavy Weapons Squad in an Infantry Platoon. Now let's take a look at the numbers:

Heavy Weapons Squad with 3 Lascannons
105 pts
3 stands of T3 W2 flak armoured infantry.
3 shots of BS3 Lascannons.
Probability of missing completely = 12.50%

2 Lascannon Sabres with extra crewmen
104 pts
2 x T7 W2 artillery pieces with a 3+ armour save and 2 plain Guardsmen crew members each
2 twin-linked BS3 Lascannons WITH Skyfire AND Interceptor AND free Defense Searchlights. Oh, and the Scout USR.
Probability of missing completely = 6.25%

The sheer disparity in bang for your buck is staggering. Honestly, with Sabres, what possible reason is there to ever field plain Heavy Weapons Squads? You can also kit them out with Heavy Bolters, Autocannons and, for some inexplicable reason, Heavy Stubbers. All twin-linked, Skyfire, Interceptor and what-have-you.

The only downside to the Sabre is the price tag. GBP 22 for one, compared to the Heavy Weapons Squad's GBP 24 for 3 bases. But think about it: without the extra crewman, you can put 15 of these things on the board for 750 pts. 30 T7 wounds. 15 twin-linked lascannon shots with Skyfire and Interceptor to maul any Flyer that dares come onto the board. That leaves you 1000 pts to devote to other threats, like infantry swarms or AV14 rudeness, and as we all know the Imperial Guard has a gun for every occasion.

So, what do you think? Is there any point to Heavy Weapon Teams when you can have Sabres?

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