Wednesday, December 19, 2012

From the depths of the internet... Dark Angels incoming!

Saw these floating around the intertoobs. That can of ivory paint is looking like a very worthwhile investment right about now. I'm not so sure about the new Land Speeder, though...

Whoever designed this thing cannot possibly have graduated in engineering. Seriously, what the f***?!

These only look acceptable after one has beheld the abominable new speeder.

Hell, yes!

No, sorry, not even twin-linked plasma cannons can redeem this monstrosity...


I just can't get over how absurdly ugly the Land Speeder Vengeance is... I mean, damn, that's not even lazy design anymore, what the hell kind of brain fart inspired the placement of front cupola in a position directly in the line of fire of the twin-linked plasma cannon turret??? Its like the only justification for that speeder is to make the other flyer look somewhat more viable, and even that has managed to look uglier than the mediocre Storm Talon!

I love the new Deathwing, though. Can't wait to throw together a detachment to go with my Blood Angels...

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