Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hobby: Cheapass forests

I like nice scenery and everything, but when we're talking tabletop wargaming terrain, there's always the trade-off between aesthetics and practicality to consider. One thing I've always found lacking in the FLGS's that I frequent is the lack of forest terrain that shows a nice, clearly defined patch of forest that doesn't really interfere with the model's movement in any way. Here's a cheap (MYR 13.50, to be precise) way to get some foliage that your precious models can stand on and, even if your big, metal Dreadnought falls all over it, won't chip your beautiful paint job.

Step one, get a green rubber doormat:

Step two, draw out some suitably shaped patches on the back with a handy dandy Sharpie:

Step three, cut them shapes out and battle! Note how even my most top-heavy models, the Sanguinary Guard, can easily stand on this stuff... 

Anyways, hope this helps. Happy wargaming,y'all...

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