Friday, December 28, 2012

Looking forward: Projects for 2013!

Ah, well it's been a good year for gaming, but man, my worktable is a mess! So much stuff to work on, and so little time! Here's an army-by-army lowdown on my grande plannes for 2013, starting with the 40k side.

Blood Angels
No plans whatsoever for any expansion. I am happy with the state of my Blood Angels, especially when they're paired with the Crimson Guard. What I'd like to work on now with the Blood Angels is:
a) a workable Descent of Angels list; and
b) putting Terminators and my lovely Land Raider Redeemer to good use.


Dark Angels

Back then, Space Marine anatomy was subject to... artistic license.

Deathwing, hell yeah! It was 1st edition Space Hulk that first drew me to 40k and it's because of that that my first army is Blood Angels. Naturally, I've been interested in Deathwing for the longest time, but never got round to it, mostly because I didn't like having to muck about with a clunky 4th ed codex. Now the Dark Angels are making a comeback, I'm most eager to put together a Dark Angels army, starting with a small continget to ally with my Blood Angels...

I've had 2 flyers waiting for me for quite a while now, and for the moment I'm looking to field either 2 Doom Scythes or one Night Scythe and one Doom Scythe. Still thinking a bit on this one. I do love my good old Necron Warrior horde, but it's high time this list moved with the times and got some air support.

My Black Legion army currently holds a special place in my heart for being both the least successful and the most entertaining and characterful of all my armies. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I'm a big fan of the new codex and the possibilities it opens up.

The tremendous versatility of the basic Chaos Marines have made for a pretty solid troops choice which has thus far performed brilliantly in every battle. The Bikers and the Spikey Bikey Lord have also been consistent performers (mostly) and the promise of insane bloody violence that they carry in every game guarantees that they'll get a LOT of attention any time they take to the field.

The Defiler is probably going to be shelved for a while, in favour of cheaper, more reliable dakka, i.e. Autocannon Havocs!

That having been said, they performed atrociously on their first outing, killing a total of 2 (!) of Ian's Traitor Guardsmen before getting pinged to pieces by lasguns. Admittedly, these guys don't quite fit with my playstyle, as I tend to favour a more in-your-face strategy. Still, I like the maths of it, and given that it's only 115 pts for the team of 5 Havocs, I figure I can afford to experiment with them.

Another expansion I've got on the way is a Helldrake, which should be arriving next year. Keep an eye out for that...

And lastly, the other direction in which I'm looking to expand the Black Legion is with the addition of Chaos Terminators, led by a Sorceror in Terminator Armour.

Also, I might want to make use of this guy:

 Still a work in progress, but it's an excellent model and I'm looking for an excuse to put it on the board.

Grey Knights
What Grey Knights? No, seriously, I've no reason to touch my little contingent of Grey Knights for a long, long time...

Imperial Guard
No plans for any major expansion, as I've no intention of building up the Crimson Guard into a real army just yet.  They just function so well as an allied contingent! Maybe I'll put together a Company Command Squad with some mean-ass guns on them, but the Crimson Guard are excellent as they are now, with the Lord Commissar and the Veterans in a Chimera, accompanied by a Vendetta and either a Manticore or a Leman Russ, depending on my mood.

Now the Warmachine...

Well, the Dark Prince just arrived in the mail, so I'll be getting him painted up ASAP. Add 1 Devastator and 1 Spriggan and I daresay that's it for my involvement with Khador, at least until the day arrives that Privateer Press decides to produce plastic Iron Fangs. 

I've been dabbing bits of paint on my Knights Exemplar and Cinerators for months now and you know what? White is the most fricking tedious colour to paint, EVER! I've had enough, and I'm going to get started on them again, with a nice can of Krylon... This is probably the major project for 2013: The Exemplar army...

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