Sunday, November 10, 2013

What a mess...

Word to the wise: This is NOT how to keep your hobby workbench...

What can I say, I'm enthusiastic about the expansion of my Imperial Guard force. Having pondered the matter for bloody ages, I've decided that I'm going to cap the number of my armies at 5 and leave it at that, ie.:

  1. Blood Angels
  2. Necrons
  3. Chaos Space Marines
  4. Deathwing
  5. Imperial Guard

This pleases me. The Guard have a lot of potential to be a really characterful and satisfying army that will look quite spectacular on the game board. Just gotta have a little more discipline, lest I swamp myself and end up making far less progress than I could. So, yeah, as it stands, I can field the Armoured Battlegroup, but right now I'm working on putting together enough Guardsmen to function as a mechanized force, then as a mostly infantry force.

And of course, there's the lure of new codex awesomeness looming in a few months...

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