Friday, November 29, 2013

Red Thunder, First Armoured Fist Platoon reporting!

Just got these guys done and based and ready for battle!

Also got round to marking their Chimeras. Black for the command vehicle, grey for the rank and file, just like the rest of the Armoured Battlegroup.

For the moment, I'm thinking infantry-wise, I'm going to keep to just one platoon, altering its size as needed, then fill up the other Troops choices with Veteran squads. I'm thinking pretty much every pair of boots in my army will go forth in transports of some sort, so either they join the Armoured Fist platoon, or they are Veterans in a Chimera, Veterans coming in on the Vendettas (space for 2 sqauds!) or they could do the Catachan Devil thing and Infiltrate or Outflank.

In other news, I just got a new thumbdrive and figured I'd put some neglected decals to good use...

Before anyone says what a good idea this is, wait about 3 months for what some wear and tear does to it. It's been coated with several layers of varnish, so let's see what happens, eh?

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