Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Guardsmen done quick.

I do not paint prettily. I'll be first to admit that. I won't be winning any contests with my painting anytime soon, not least because of my aversion to participating in competitions of any sort. That having been said, I do like the sight of a painted army on the board, and I've a lot of Guardsmen to paint. Here's a little thing about how I get my armies painted; I mostly pick my armies based on what convenient spray paint colour I can get my hands on. And this here is the core of my Imperial Guard:

Ah, Krylon, what would I do without you... So, here's how I paint up my grunts...

It isn't anything as pretty as my Blood Angels, but hell, it gets the job done. Flesh looks like flesh. The flak armour is clearly a different shade from the cloth, and there are shiny bits on the weapons to make it look pretty. Will post a pic of what this looks like with more Guardsmen as soon as I make them happen...


  1. Personally i always had trouble with krylon ... They seem to give me a powdery coating. But you seem to be getting rather good results with it.

    1. Depends entirely on the desired effect. Gloss is unusable, since Citadel paint just won't stick to it. Satin, as seen here is still workable, and I've used it on my Black Legion, though it takes a couple of coats to get metallics onto it. Flat gives the powdery texture you mentioned, and I usually use it on surfaces that I intend to drybrush, e.g. my Necrons or Grey Knights.

    2. Thanks for the tips. I do indeed have the Flat variety of Krylon which gives me that powdery coating.

    3. Why not try Krylon Fusion For Plastic, I trust that range of paints should give you the desired color.

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