Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Catachan Veterans

Always had a soft spot for the Catachan Devils, so I'm currently painting up a squad of them. Led by Sgt Harker, toting shotguns and flame weapons, this squad is kitted to get close and seriously brutalize a unit of infantry with sheer volume of wounds. The concept, I felt was sound enough for me to put this squad together without any playtesting. I remember only too well a glorious moment involving my Sternguard, in which a unit comprising 3 Chaos Bikers and a Lord on a Juggernaut were wiped out when a team of 5 Sternguard incinerated them with 2 Heavy Flamers and 2 combi-flamers. The Catachans here won't kick nearly as hard, but for 155pts, I feel this is would be pretty decent and characterful scoring unit.

I started out by base coating them with Krylon Woodland Light Green. In retrospect, it doesn't really save all that much effort, but hell, it looks good with an Agrax Earthshade wash.

The shotguns were borrowed from the Space Marine Scouts kit. They fit significantly better than I thought they would.

The business end of the unit, 2 flamers and a heavy flamer.

Another pic of the stars of the small Catachan contingent, Sly Marbo and Sgt Harker.

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