Sunday, July 8, 2012

My first games at 35 pts

I've been getting a couple of games in at 25 and notably 35 points over at Warpspace games lately and it has been most enlightening. I've been led to understand that 35 pts in Warmahordes (Hormachine?) is more or less the equivalent of a 1750 pt game of 40k. I was a little skeptical at first. After getting murdered a few times at 35 pts, this is the best I can muster with the models I have:

The Butcher
5 Man-O-War Shocktroopers
3 Man-O-War Bombardiers
10 Winter Guard Infantry + 2 Rocketeer + Unit attachment
Kovnik Josef Grigorovich

In retrospect, this isn't quite the best use of my points. Here's a dissection of the army.

The Butcher is a good honest brute. You just don't get casters more straightforward than the Butcher. Big and tough, as casters go, and man, that axe is something to fear. That having been said, you can't just go charging willy-nilly into a scrap and hope to come out on top. What I've learnt from my first few games is that, at 35 pts, any army can muster enough punishment to blat a misplaced caster. This is a far cry from my early games at 15 pts where the Butcher can often afford to get stuck in quite early. At 35 pts, the Butcher should quietly bide his time, using his spells to support his army from afar. Only later in the game, when both armies are relatively depleted, should the Butcher be unleashed. Even then, there's a way to unleash the Butcher! DEF 14, ARM 18 is high for a caster, but still not invincible. Put Iron Flesh on and keep all the focus, however, and you're looking at what is effectively DEF 17, ARM 23. Hard to hit and nearly as much armour as a Devastator. Quite enough to let the Butcher close and get to work...

I figured since I was fielding the Butcher, I'd do well to field a pair of cheap melee Warjacks. The Juggernaut is an old reliable. Good and tough, with a big, brutal axe that no opponent could afford to ignore. The Berserker is another cheap brute and better yet, it charges and runs for free! Under the Butcher's Full Throttle, these two would do pretty well and filling a Berserker with focus and sending it on a kamikaze run is always good for laughs.

The Winter Guard Deathstar with Kovnik Joe is a solid choice in damn near any Khador army. With the Butcher's Iron Flesh and the Bob n' Weave order, they become absurdly hard to hit. With Joe giving them Tough, they will get into position to unleash at least one salvo. Kovnik Joe will boost the attack rolls, Butcher's feat will boost the damage rolls. Against infantry, grapeshot. Against jacks or warbeasts, CRAs. If a soft squishy caster strays too close to his/her own front line, they could well find themselves shredded by grapeshot. After the initial salvo, CMA, Fury from the Butcher and Bear's Strength from the Kovnik will make sure they cause some damage going down. These guys are definitely keepers, unless I should ever decide to go down the all-warjack path of Karchev the Terrible...

Not quite done yet, but ready for the tabletop!

The Man-O-War Shocktroopers function pretty well as a wall to put between the Butcher and most threats. MOST threats, mind you. ARM 21 while the shield wall is up in quite enough to survive a lot of abuse, but encounters with Ravagores and a Typhon under Vayl have taught me to be a little more careful. Of course, the Shocktroopers can get some work done in combat. Give them Fury and even a Khador warjack isn't safe.

Feeling pretty naked without a paintjob...

My other source of ranged dakka is these Man-O-War Bombardiers. Let me tell you, they are expensive. A full unit of 5 weighs in at 11 pts. There's a LOT a Khador player could do with 11 pts. In a 35 pt game, the Bombardiers are a point sink. So far, I've had more luck using a unit of 3, at 7 pts. Experienced players at my current FLGS of choice tell me they're a horrible waste of points. Unfortunately, I was only informed after I got the models. So, sod it, I'm gonna try make them work, at least until I get my grubby paws on a Drakhun...

And that's it from me for now. This here is the list as it stands and I'll be using this a couple more times to suss out the game's mechanics at 35 pts. Later on, I'll move on to Sorscha and after that, Kreoss.

Meanwhile, I've gotten my hands on a copy of 6th ed 40k, and am itching to get a scrap in with my Necrons...

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