Sunday, April 15, 2012

WIP: The Butcher!

Alas, my Battle Box has yet to arrive, so earlier this week I picked up the Khador book from Wolf, and on closer reading I decided how I'd go about Warmachining:

1) I wanted to play something with Sorscha. Something involving a fair amount of Winter Guard and Widowmakers, coz Sorscha is hawt (and coz Winter Guard + rocket launchers double pretty well as an Imperial Guard Veteran Squad with Grenade Launchers...), and her abilities seem to favour that way of warfare;
2) That would take a lot of time, so I decided to pick up a caster that would seriously enhance the Khador battlegroup in the Battle Box. I figured the Butcher would be the weapon of choice, so I picked him up on Friday night...

And by Saturday morning, he was sprayed and I was well into picking out the black bits. Here's pics of Saturday morning's progress:

The pics more or less show the technique I explained in my previous post. I dabbed on a little more paint this afternoon, and here's where we are now:

No painting guide, unless someone asks. Comrade Butcher is far from done, but I'm liking how he's turning out. Quite fun to paint, but man, he weighs a tonne! There's easily more metal there than in most Terminator sized models.

In other news, got in a game against Space Wolves with my Flying Fists list. Hurled the 2 Stormravens into 3 Rhinos laden with Grey Hunters, Wolf Guard and 3 Runepriests. Smashed them ALL. But still a draw, coz I was more interested in killing things than in the objectives.

Anyway, that's it from me for now. Fingers crossed this coming week is the one where I finally get my Battle Box!

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