Sunday, April 8, 2012

Brief Batrep: Blood Angels vs Tau, 1750pts

Alas, no pics this time, but this Batrep, there isn't much need for pics. I brought the new Furioso out to play against Jin's gunline Tau list. My list was put together to be swift, bold and brutal...

My 'Flying Fists' list:
Stormraven with TLmultimelta, TL Assault Cannon and Extra armour
Librarian with Shield and Rage
5 Assault Terminators, 1 with Shield and Hammer
Furioso Dreadnought with Frag Cannon and Heavy Flamer

Stormraven with TLmultimelta, TL Assault Cannon and Extra armour
7 Death Company, 3 with power weapons, 1 with Thunder Hammer
Death Company Dreadnought with Blood Talons and Magna Grapple

Squads Wallace and Gromit (each a 10-man Assault Squad with 2 meltaguns and a powerfist)

Jin's Tau Gunline:
Shas'O with missile pod, irridium armour and shield generator
Ethereal with honour blade and 12-man Veteran Firewarrior honour guard

3 x 12-man Firewarrior teams

8-man Pathfinder team with Devilfish

3 x 3-man Broadside Battlesuit teams, each with Advanced Stabilization Systems

(I'm pretty sure there's something I'm forgetting here, but for the life of me, I can't recall...)

Mission: Seize Ground, 4 Objectives.
Deployment: Spearhead. I won the roll-off and deployed first.
Battlefield: Meh. Honestly, I didn't care. I mean, look at the lists. Since I was going first, my sole objective was to fly right in, unload a huge pile of crazed psycho killer Terminators, Death Company and Dreadnoughts into his lap, then let the Assault Squads mop up. Actually going for the objectives was optional.

I deployed my Stormravens as close as I could, and had Squad Gromit close by the Terminator Stormraven, behind cover. Squad Wallace waited in reserve, just in case I needed to bring some Descent of Angels goodness in...

What actually happened:
Jin stole initiative, and verily, my heart sank. The DC Stormraven went down in flames, and the DC Dreadnought was wrecked soon after. BUT the Stormraven full of Terminators got lucky and was only shaken, thanks to Extra Armour (never run a Stormraven or Land Raider without one, kids!).

Other than that, not much else happened. The Devilfish darted forward, releasing its gundrones to kite around and troll the Death Company. Meanwhile, my remaining Stormraven flew right in, and Jin got hideously unlucky and only managed to shake it again. In turn 3, the Furioso tore into a squad of Broadsides with the Shas'O attached, the Librarian and the Terminators shredded another squad of Broadsides. Squad Wallace meltagunned the last squad of Broadsides and after that, Squad Gromit and the Terminators went about their business reducing hapless Firewarriors to mush...

Post mortem:
Not much to say, really. My list was designed to close quickly and smash things. That's what happened. Loss of initiative was an annoying setback, as was the loss of the DC Dread, but as it turned out, the Terminators and the Furioso were quite enough to cause some pretty satisfying carnage among the Tau ranks. I think I'll give this list a few more tries. Until next time, happy wargaming...

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  1. That the risk i always take when deploying my Stormraven in the open when i going first.

    There always the risk of enemy seizing which if do then Stormraven is in trouble.

    A very for sure safe way to ensure your Stormraven will always get to flat out before it shot is to reserve it. Which then again you risk being stuck at reserve for whole game.