Sunday, April 1, 2012

Current projects update...

Just an update of my current projects. You see, this past couple of weeks, I've been stumbling into a lot of good cheap GW and Warmachine stuff. As such, my gaming budget has been hopelessly blown for this month and probably the next 2 months, as well.

How cheap, exactly? Well you have to understand, I'm in Malaysia. Tabletop wargaming goodies aren't easy to come by around here. For example, at the FLGS I wage war at, a squad of Tactical Marines is MYR143. At current exchange rates, that's about GBP29, which is GBP6 over the UK retail price. So, I was fairly chuffed to find...

 Usual FLGS price

                    MYR            MYR          Saving
Tactical Squad 143 113 21%
Venerable Dreadnought 174 113 35%
Warmachine 2-player Battle Box 375 250 33%
Valkyrie Assault Carrier 254 180 29%

Yeah, you read right. WARMACHINE! There are a few things that drew me to make the leap, which I'll explain later. Anyway, at those prices, I simply had to snap them up. So, here's some pretty pics of my current projects...

Furioso Dreadnought:
I had some leftover bits from when I put together my Death Company Dreadnought a while back, including a nice Furioso Sarcophagus and a Frag Cannon. When I saw the Venerable Dread going so cheap, I figured I had to grab it and bang together a Furioso Dreadnought. The parts are perfectly compatible! One little thing to watch out for, though...

The bit highlighted in with red marks a gap between the Furioso sarcophagus and the Venerable Dreadnought body. I simply patched it up by cutting off a bit of plastic sprue and filing it until it fit.Thanks to a little bit of Army Painter Dragon Red magic, courtesy of Wolf's Game Shop, here's where we are now...

I currently intend to play it as you see it, with a Frag Cannon and a Blood Fist with underslung Heavy Flamer. Bung it in a Stormraven and hurl it at infantry to bring death with fire and shrapnel. Ah, can't wait... 

Vendetta Gunship:
A key ingredient to my slowly emerging Imperial Guard army, I snapped up this Vendetta to get a feel of how to best construct and paint it... 

 The wings will be left unglued. I foresee that'll make for much easier transport. You may notice I've stuck an extra Lascannon on the left side of the cockpit. That was snipped off from when I was building my Las/plas Razorbacks. Waste not, want not, eh? As for the other bits to build the business end of the Vendetta, I used Lascannons from Stormravens, picked up off eBay. Here's how they look:

Other projects:
That Tactical Squad I picked up will go towards making my sergeants WYSIWYG (at last, I hear some of you say...). And perhaps a 5th Razorback Assault squad. We'll see.

And Warmachine? Well, I've been reading the rulebooks quite a bit lately. Briefly, what draws me to Warmachine:

1) Looks better balanced for smaller scale of conflict.
2) The rules seem clearer and less ambigious.
3) The models do look pretty nice. And, very importantly, there are some good PLASTIC ones.
4) Khador is RED. I LIKE RED. And the Battle Box comes with the hawt one with the huge scythe. Niiiice...
5) Got it cheap! From this guy. Hasn't arrived yet, but keeping my fingers crossed...

And that's it from me. There's work in the morning. Until next time, happy wargaming, y'all...


  1. Furiso Dreadie with Frag Cannnon and CCW arms! That my fav low budget dreadie.

    In my experience any unit that clump together and hit by the Frag Cannon. Nothing survive it NOTHING.

    1. btw lossing that meltagun for a Heavy flamer?