Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Army status update

Just thought I'd try to get organized and keep track of what the hell I'm doing. So, here's what's going on. army by army:

Blood Angels
My first love and it shows. I think I've about 5,000 pts of Blood Angels now - quite enough to field a tremendous variety of builds, with 10 Assault Marines and 5 Scouts waiting to be properly painted up. No more Blood Angel purchases for a very, very long time, I daresay.

WRAITHS! I WANT WRAITHS! But seriously, I've a comfortable 1750pt army which mostly gets the job done and is great fun to play. The Wraiths and Spyders look really awesome but they can wait, I think.

Chaos Space Marines
Have a 1750pt army which is fun to play, what with something like 500 pts put into bikers. That having been said, I refuse to touch Plague Marines, Lash of Submission and Obliterators, so everytime I've used that army was a struggle just to survive. I think I'll wait to see if the new codex is kinder to bikers.

Imperial Guard
Waiting for about 10 vehicles to arrive. Then I'm looking to try out some shenanigans with obscene amounts of firepower. Until then, I reallyhave to get the infantry elements prepared.

Grey Knights
Have about 15 Paladins and a Land Raider Crusader. Still need a little tweaking to bang it together into a viable Draigowing, and that's as far as I'm going to go with Grey Knights. Not a high priority, so this can wait til I manage to get bored of everything else.

Khador & Menoth
Still waiting for that damned battle box... When that happens, I'd like to get in a few games to get a better feel for the mechanics. Then, I'm looking to build 3 armies, each with a specific theme:

1) Infantry-heavy Sorscha (this will take a LONG time)
2) The Butcher and his brutes (lotsa Man-o-War units)
3) Kreoss' Crusade (lotsa Knights Exemplar)

Armies 2 & 3 are almost entirely plastic. It's just Sorscha that will take a while to piece together. Slowly does it...

So, what am I going to pull my wallet out for? Crap, I really don't know. I'll come back to think about this when the Battlebox arrives. Until then, hobby funding is FROZEN. Except for paints and brushes and glue, of course, assembly and paint MUST continue, lest I fall into the awful trap of accumulating ludicrous amount of grey plastic that never sees a gaming table...

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