Friday, March 16, 2012

Catachans for the lazy

As we know, one of the great drawbacks of playing the Imperial Guard is having to paint all that infantry. As it happens I've just hit upon a fairly quick and easy way to get pretty decent-looking Catachan jungle fighters. First, you need this stuff:

L to R: Black, Olive, Woodland Green, Khaki

 That right there is magic in a can. For our Catachans, we will require Woodland Green. Observe...

From left to right:

1) Spray an even coat of Woodland Green.

2) Pick out everything that isn't going to be green. Flesh is Tallarn Flesh. Leather pouches and straps in Calthan Brown. Weapons, hair, shoes and headbands in Chaos Black.

3) DEVLAN MUD EVERYTHING! Except the flesh, of course. That's washed with Ogryn Flesh. Don't be slapdash about this! Make sure the deeper bits are all properly shaded.

4) Almost there. Flesh is layered with Tallarn Flesh and, since they're Catachans, highlighted with a 1:1 mixof Tallarn and Elf Flesh. Leather bits are layered with Calthan Brown, highlighted with Snakebite Leather. Black bits are line highlighted with Codex Grey. Metal bits are done in Boltgun metal, washed with Badab Black and line highlighted with Mithril Silver.

And that's that! Stay tuned, I'll probably do Cadians next...

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