Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blood Angels old and new

On the left, a Tactical Marine from the first batch of Blood Angels I ever painted. On the right, same model with new, improved technique! The magic ingredient...

Army Painter Pure Red. Ah, joy...
So, yeah, I got my hands on a can of Army Painter's Pure Red and just couldn't wait to try it out, so I picked up 3 of those cheap plug n' play marines, put them together and based them... 

... then coated them thoroughly with Krylon's Burgundy...

... and dusted them with the Pure Red, spraying only from the top. The result: 

Even at a glance I could tell it was a bit too bright to fit in with the way I paint my Blood Angels. Not a problem, that can be sorted. But first, I picked out everything that wasn't going to be red in Chaos Black:

 After that, I washed Devlan Mud into all the recesses and washed all the red bits with Baal Red. Here's how it looks next to a model just with Pure Red:

Just picked out the metal bits in the usual fashion (Boltgun Metal washed with Badab Black, Shining Gold washed with Chestnut Ink) and here we are:

 My verdict on Pure Red: A shade too bright. On infantry models it's fine, since I can slightly alter it with a wash of Baal Red. With vehicles, however... I think I'm going to have to hunt for a can of Dragon Red...


  1. Hi cheng, I stumbled upon your site while searching for ways to paint my BA Battleforce which I have impulsively bought ^^;

    I used to collect (not play =P) WH40k figs back in the mid 90s (3rd ed) but I have stopped for at least 12-13 years. Now I am thinking of getting back into it.

    Anyways I digress... I was looking for a faster way to base coat my figs and vehicles when I found your tutorial. I have a few questions for you:

    1) The Krylon Burgundy Red that you use, isn't the paint going to be too thick when you are done base coating the figs with it since it is industrial spray paint and the paint is heavier?

    2) You mention just dusting them with the Army Painter Pure Red just from the top, meaning a 90 degree downward angle only or you still coat the figures overall uniformly with it?

    3) You said Pure Red was a shade too bright. That is because it didn't fit in with your old BA theme right? What if I used it, since I am starting from new.. is it considered the right shade for BA in general?

    Thanks for your time Cheng ^^

  2. Hi Seth,

    Your comment is well-timed. I'd just finished painting up a pair of sergeants to make my Mech Angels WYSIWYG. I've since refined my technique and will be addressing your points shortly. Stay tuned!

    On 1)... The Kyrlon Burgundy does in fact look horribly thick, as in the pic above. Fear not, it just looks that way when the paint is still wet. Wait for it to dry completely and it should be ok.