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Batrep: Necrons vs Grey Knights, 1750 pts

Wong was up for inflicting more Mordrak shenaningans, so I brought the Crimson King out to play, since it had been a couple of weeks since I last had the Necrons march. Will post pics and some commentary first, then update this post as workload permits...

The Legion of the Crimson King:

Overlord with Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Resurrection Orb, Phase Shifter and Phaeron upgrade
Harbinger of Eternity with Chronometron
20 Warriors

Necron Lord with Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs and Resurrection Orb
10 Immortals with Tesla Carbines

Harbinger of Destruction with Solar Pulse
9 Warriors
Ghost Ark

Harbinger of Destruction
9 Warriors
Ghost Ark

2 x 6 Scarabs

2 x Annihilation Barges

Wong's Grey Knights:

Mordrak + 2 Ghost Knights, 1 with Hammer
Librarian with Summoning, Shrouding and Might of Titan

 5 Grey Knight Terminators, 2 Hammers, 2 Halberds, 1 Psycannon
Land Raider Crusader with Psybolt Ammo, Multimelta and Warp stabilisation field

 5 Grey Knight Terminators, 2 Hammers, 2 Halberds, 1 Psycannon
 Land Raider Redeemer with Psybolt Ammo, Multimelta and Warp stabilisation field

5 Interceptors, 1 Psycannon

Mission: Seize Ground, 4 Objectives.
Deployment: Spearhead. Wong won the roll-off and deployed first.
The Battlefield

Turn 1:
 GK: Mordrak pops up. LR Redeemer moves up and mows down 4 Scarabs with it's Assault Cannon. Going to ground didn't help... :-(

N: I scooch a little closer to Mordrak's squad and fire everything within reach, i.e. 5 Immortals, an Annihilation Barge, 1 Harbinger of Destruction and 1 Warrior. Got lucky and killed 1 Ghost knight, wounded Mordrak twice and the Librarian once.

Turn 2:
GK: The Librarian summons the 2 Land Raiders...

The Librarian summons 2 Land Raiders full of whupass straight onto my right flank! This is where it starts getting messy...

I turned on the Solar Pulse, but it was no good, given that the whole GK army, apart from the Interceptors skulking in a ruin, was happily encased in absurd amounts of armour and waiting to burst out and wade right into my forces. Mordrak's squad quickly hunkered down behind the Redeemer, edging closer for that all-important charge...

The Redeemer's machine spirit fires a Flamstorm cannon, catching 1 Scarab and 3 Immortals. Luckily, he failed to wound the Scarabs. The Immortals weren't so lucky, though 2 managed to get back up.

The Crusader popped smoke and waited for the onslaught...

N: The Crimson King maneuvered his Warriors into position, gauss flayers are levelled at the LR Redeemer and... nothing happens. Oh, wait, I think I knocked off the assault cannon, but really, that was hardly what I was looking for.

The Nectrons respond, but can't do much against the durable Land Raiders.

The Immortals zapped a few shots into Mordrak's squad, and once again, they get tremendously lucky, wounding Mordrak (but a Ghost Knight pops up...) All other shooting was woefully ineffectual, and with that, I braced myself for a very violent Turn 3...

Turn 3:
GK: Terminators pile out of the Land Raiders. Mordrak's squad charged into the Immortals, and trounced them handily. Nearby, a squad of Grey Knight Terminators from the Redeemer blasted away at the Crimson King's swarm of Warriors before charging in. This time I had better luck with the mindshackle scarabs, but as fate would have it, it was a Terminator with a Daemonhammer, whom Wong allowed to get cleaved by the Crimson King's warscythe before he could bring that hammer to bear on his own squadmates. Combat resolution quickly saw the Crimson King and his entourage wiped out!

Further along the line, another squad of Grey Knight Terminators popped out and got medieval on the Annihilation barge protecting my right flank. It had stayed still to fire last turn, so, predictably, it was blown to pieces. Still, it wasn't all bad news. The Justicar of that squad was brought low by the Perils of the Warp when they tried to use Hammerhand!

The Interceptors finally popped out of their cover, trying to blast my left flank's Annihilation Barge with their psycannon, but without success. 

N: So, the Immortals, the Crimson King and an Aniihilation Barge were gone. Oh, man, this didn't look good. Still, I had 2 Ghost Arks full of blasty goodness, and the 2 Terminator Squads were out in the open, so I brought my guns to bear...

When the  dust settled, the squad that had engaged the Crimson King earlier was reduced to one Terminator, and the other had 3 members remaining. Meanwhile, on the left flank, my other Annihilation Barge and scarabs engaged the Interceptors, taking down 3. The scarabs ended the turn locked in combat with them.

Turn 4 - 6:
Ok, I may have lost over half my army, but upon closer inspection, this is an objectives game, Wong was rapidly running out of scoring models, too! From this point on, it became a game of who could maul whose scoring units first...

The Interceptors were wiped out by the Scarabs, leaving one base of Scarabs to putter around looking for something useful to do.

The other 2 Scarab bases nipped 2 AV points off the LR Redeemer before getting incenerated (finally!) by the Flamestorm cannon.

The one surviving Terminator from that squad in Turn 3 hopped back in the Redeemer, which went on to camp an objective.

The other Terminator Squad and accompanying LR Crusader hurl themselves at my Ghost Arks in a bid to cripple my ability to score. One Ghost Ark is downed, and the occupants disembark, blasting away with Gauss Flayers and an Eldritch Lance, immobilizing the Crusader and destroying its multimelta. The Terminators charge into the squad of Warriors, causing enough carnage to send them fleeing off the board. A retaliatory salvo from my other Ghost Ark later and this is how the board looked at the end of Turn 5...

Turn 6 saw my small squad of 5 Warriors get mauled by the Crusader's assault cannon, then finished off by the lone Terminator, who later fell to a deluge of gauss fire from my remaining Ghost Ark.

Meanwhile, as all this was going on, Mordrak and friends headed off to take down my remaining Annihilation Barge, which had been picking away at the Grey Knights for the past 3 turns. The Barge blasts horrific torrents of lightning and gauss fire at Mordrak and his retinue, leaving just Mordrak (1 wound left), the Librarian (1 wound left) and a Ghost Knight with a Daemonhammer ready to charge...

Turn 7:
At the beginning of this turn, we each had an objective, and not quite enough firepower to dislodge one another from our objectives. Time to get creative...

The Librarian summoned the Crusader over to bring its guns to bear on my Ghost Ark. Between the 2 Land Raiders, that was quite enough gunishment to wreck the Ark, leaving the squad of Warriors and the accompanying Cryptek to stand around the objective.

Mordrak charged, but succumbed to Perils of the Warp while trying to cast Hammerhand, leaving the Librarian to whack the Annihilation Barge, which dutifuly exploded (Might of Titans ftw, eh?).

When my final turn came along, I had only one chance to win: Shoot the LR Redeemer with the Eldritch Lance, explode it (remember, the AV had dropped by 2), and hope the explosion would kill that very last Terminator inside. So, a little mathhammer revealed that the chances of that happening are... 1 in 972. So what do you think happened?

Bugger-all, that's what. And thus we had a hard-fought draw....

The final board position. One objective each, and not a moment too soon!

Post mortem:
I don't know what it is about fighting Wong, but every time I've fought him with my Necrons, my army's centrepiece, the 20 Warrior blob, gets prematurely wiped out. Every time. This time round, I suppose the blob lasted a little longer. In previous encounters, the blob found themselves on the wrong end of an insane amount of blasty firepower in the form of Wong's IG army - very vicious stuff.

Looking back was there anything I could have done differently to turn things in my favour? I'm thinking just one: Turn 2 I think I should have backed off with the blob. The strength of the blob lies in the sheer volume of shooty death it can unleash. Maybe it can't match IG blobs for number of shots, but at BS4 and S4, that'll hurt anything that isn't a Wraithlord. As such, it would have been worth trying to preserve it that little bit longer and squeeze as many volleys as I could out of them, rather than stand my ground and hope the Crimson King and his scarabs would be enough to blat the Terminators.That's something to remember for the next time the Crimson King marches.

All in all, an interesting game against an interesting list. Next time round, the Angels go to war!

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