Saturday, March 17, 2012

Batrep: Mech Angels vs Mech Angels, 1750 pts

Not really much of a batrep today, but more a roundup of what happened this Saturday afternoon at CM (which I managed to catch on camera). First off, my Mech Angels vs Redeye's....

My Squad Trogdor list: 

Librarian with Shield and Rage
Sanguinary Priest
Squad Trogdor!!! 7 Sternguard Veterans with 6 combiweapons and 1 Heavy Flamer, in a LR Redeemer with multimelta and extra armour

4 x 5-man Assault Squads, each with meltagun and Sgt with infernus pistol, in Razorbacks with Lascannon and twin-linked Plasmaguns, one squad has a powerfist instead of infernus pistol

2 combipreds

5-man Devastator squad with 4 missile launchers.

Redeye's Mech Angels (as far as I remember):

Sanguinary Priest
5 Assault Terminators, with 4 Storm Shields and Thunder Hammers
Furioso Librarian Dreadnought, with Wings and Might


5-man Scout squad with sniper rifles, camo cloaks, missile launcher and compi-plasma for the Sgt
5-man Assault Squad in a Razorbacks with Lascannon and twin-linked Plasmagun

2 Baal Predators with Heavy Bolter Sponsons

2 Predators with twin-linked Lascannons and Lascannon sponsons

 Just looking at the lists, one can tell this game would simply be a game of whose Deathstar unit blats whose first. Would I be able to bring down the Stormraven in time and bring my 12 melta shots to bear on the contents? Or would my Redeemer get nuked and Squad Trogdor shredded by the Dreadnought? We'll see....

Mission: Seize Ground, 3 Objectives.
Deployment: Pitched battle. Redeye won the roll-off and deployed first.
The Battlefield

My Blood Angels came in from the left on Turn 1. Red started with Scouts in the little ruin over in the upper right.

Turn 1:
I sieze initiative! That having been said, the whole battle really came down to one pivotal moment of dakka. I'll let the pics do the talking...

The Blood Angels thunder onto the board...

The Stormraven does its thing and turboboosts on to nuke the Redeemer. One Razorback and Squad Trogdor's ride wrecked on the first turn. Not a good start...
Turn 2:

This is where the battle really took place...

The way I saw it, the whole battle hung on this turn's shooting. I needed to bring down that Stormraven and get a  salvo from Squad Trogdor into where it would hurt, i.e. the Librarian Dread. If I couldn't take that Dread down, it would stomp around and eat my Assault Squads with near-impunity. To this end, I could bring 3 Razorbacks, my Devastators, 1 Assault Squad and Squad Trogdor to bear against it. As it turned out...

The board at the end of BA Turn 2. At this point, I knew I was screwed, big time...
EVERYTHING either missed or the Stormraven made an absurd number of cover saves. Squad Trogdor eventually managed to blow it up, killing 1 Terminator in the process, but it was far too little too late. At this point, I knew I'd be fighting an uphill battle.  Squad Trogdor would be eaten by the Dreadnought, and I'd have to commit the nearby Assault Squads to containing and destroying what I could of the Terminators and Reculsiarch. This would leave me outgunned on the rest of the battlefield. The pictures tell the tale...

Shots are exchanged elsewhere, while Squad Trogdor gets chewed up by the Dreadnought.

The Dreadnought polishes off the last of Squad Trogdor. Meanwhile, the supporting squad of Assault Terminators were blasted into pools of slag by salvos of fire from 3 Assault Squads and a couple of Razorbacks...

The Reclusiarch and the Priest manage to strike down one assault squad and get into cover. Will they survive the attentions of the other squads?

Short answer: No.

The Librarian Dreadnought continues its rampage...
And later immobilizes itself jumping out of a crater. Look at him rage! Still, the damage was done.

Silly me, I didn't catch a pic of the board at the end of the game. I had one Sgt, slugging it out with the Scout Squad for one objective, while Red's Assault Squad held another.

Post mortem: I dunno, this game didn't do much for me. I just got that feeling from the 2 Deathstars clashing early in the game that the whole game basically came down to a coin toss: Either Trogdor nukes the Terminators/Dreadnought or vice versa. Would I have played anything differently? Maybe. Maybe if I had put the Redeemer in the centre of my vehicles, I'd have been better able to dictate the deployment of my firepower. Or maybe I should just have popped smoke on Turn 1. Or maybe I should have taken a more sensible, serious, fighty list than Squad Trogdor....

Anyway, before I end this post, here's a couple more pics of what else went down that day...

DoA vs Haikal's Eldar, 1000pts

VERY short game. I fielded Squad Wallace, Squad Gromit and my lovely Sanguinary Guard. He had an Avatar, Guardians, Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent and 5 Dark Reapers. Turn 2, I land, shoot a bit, get shot a bit. Turn 3, I assaulted the Avatar with the Sanguinary Guard and Squad Gromit, killing it. That pretty much ended the Game.

Wong's Grey Knights vs YH's IG, 1750pts

Wong pulled out his Mordrak shenanigans against YH's wall of steel. Quite a vicious scrap to witness, with Veteran-filled Chimera's being hurled into the Grey Knights. And when the hulking forms of the Grey Knight Terminators emerged from the wreckage, they found themselves staring down the guns of 3 battletanks... Survivors? On the Grey Knight side, Mordrak with an accompanying Ghost Knight and an immobilized LR Crusader. On the IG side, one Veteran Squad and a Chimera. Fortunately, the Vets were sitting on an objective, meaning a very hard fought IG victory.

And that's it from me. I'm gonna go tweak with my Trogdor list now and see what I can pull off with Sternguard Vets. Until next time...


  1. Tat was close and bloody... will revise the list for more effective shenanigan

  2. There was 1 Lightning Claw termie but he died with the Stormraven.

    But i was surprise you send one of your assault squad that holding an objective at turn 5 to take out a single Baal Predator.

    Could had tried to smoke and hold out..