Monday, September 12, 2011

WIP: Blood Angel this, that and the other...

I swear, nothing highlights to me quite how scatterbrained I am as much as my painting habits... I've got a whole heap of stuff for this post, some done, some WIP and most ready for the tabletop. So, in no particular order:


The Terminator Librarian on the left is one of the first I painted up. Still some way to go, but I never got round to finishing him. Doubt I will anytime soon. Every time I fielded him in battle he'd either get eaten up by Perils of the Warp, or end up as a smoking crater following an insane barrage of plasma cannon fire.

Axe and plasma pistol librarian in the middle is the one I've used most, though I never use the plasma pistol, thus making him the most regular culprit in the non-WYSIWYG-ness of my army to date. He and the terminator librarian have their armour done in simple Regal Blue with Ice Blue line highlights.

Book librarian is my most recent addition, having just been finished earlier this morning. I wanted a brighter blue so this one is actually Mordian Blue, then layered with Ultramarine Blue, washed with Asurmen Blue, and finally line highlighted with Ice Blue. I am pleased with this blue.

The force weapons on all three use the same colours for the blending. Mechrite Red, then Blood Red, then Blazing Orange, then finally Golden Yellow.

I look forward to many games with my librarian and his Book of Doom leading my army into battle... :-)

Land Speeder Typhoons

I'm currently looking to field two of these, mostly because I like how those lovely big Blood Angel crests from the Baal Predator kit fit so nicely on the hood of these things. Here you can see one of them just after spraying with Krylon Burgundy. I'll be waiting until I've got some more models ready before I move on to the next stage, i.e. spraying with Blood Red.

These days almost all my models get their heads sprayed seperately. Why? Well, pretty much every infantry model in my army is either an assault marine (yellow helmet), devastator marine (blue helmet), a veteran (golden helmet) or bare-headed. I suppose one of these days I might turn towards playing a more traditional, tactical marine heavy army, but not anytime soon, I don't think...

Sanguinary Priests

Almost done painting these. I felt the one on the left needed a more swish chainsword, so I gave him that little spirally pattern. Looks great at on the tabletop, and it's pretty easy to do, especially since Iyanden Darksun can go right onto black in a stroke.

All my Blood Angels without helmets (and with hair) are blonde. Those lovely locks are done with a base coat of Snakebite Leather, followed with streaks of Bubonic Brown, then touched with streaks of Golden Yellow.

Terminator Assault Squad

These guys are pretty much ready for the tabletop, but there are so many nice big open areas on their armour, I just have to fill it up with happy little details of some sort. Still haven't decided, but when it happens, it'll turn up on this blog.

Assault Marines
My third Razorback squad finally got their squad marking - a black blood drop on a yellow background. And one of these days, I'll finish up the 4th...

These are the sergeants for my 2 squads of marines with jump packs. I'm still 5 marines short of 2 full 10-man squads. And unfortunately, the sergeant on the left didn't get the memo when it was time for everyone to go blonde. I'll sort him out soon enough...

Sternguard VeteransFinally, my Sternguard veterans. There's still quite a bit to be done, but I'm liking how they're turning out. Just need to find bits for that 2nd heavy flamer. And of course arrange some suitable transport for them...

And that's it for today. Next up... pfft, who am I kidding? I don't plan that far ahead...

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