Friday, September 30, 2011

Completely random and somewhat overdue update

Hokay, since last week's super heavy injection of plastic crack (i.e. the huge pile of Chaos stuff), I've kinda lost myself in lotsa building and painting and stuff. And of course an occasional game with the lovely Chaos army. Anyway, I won't bore you with the Chaos stuff, seeing as there's really nothing interesting there besides the Daemon Prince (who has still never gotten into assault) and the Biker Lord (who had a GLORIOUS time last game when he detached, rode his bike into a building and wiped out a unit each of Pathfinders and Firewarriors). Oh, there's the daemonically possessed Vindicator, I suppose... but that's in the car right now, and I can't be arsed to get it. Next post will the Vindicator, promise.

Anyway, while making the Chaos army happen, I looked at all my other WIP models and tallied up my armies:
1. Mechanized Blood Angels (LOTS of fun)
2. Grey Knights (small Draigowing, never seen action, on hold)
3. Chaos Space Marines (total self-denial of cheese, i.e. no Plague Marines, no Lash, no Obliterators. 500pts of BIKER FUN!)
4. ???

At which point I decided on the 4th army: Descent of Angels! So, after a bit of rummaging through the bits and the codex, I put together a 1750pt list which I am now slowly assembling and painting up. Some pics:
Tadah! All-plastic jump-pack librarian! Still painting in the final details. Staff, psychic hood and head from the Grey Knights kit, breastplate from the Baal Predator kit, legs, left shoulder pad and jump pack from the Death Company kit, right should pad from Sanguinary Guard, and bolt pistol from... I'm not sure where, but now that I look at this pic, I really should have been better about those mould lines. A couple more views:

I'll be looking to field Sanguinary Guard in my army, too, mainly because I just love the look of the models and I want a unit that really seriously stands way out above the others, next to the Honour Guard, of course. Here's a test model in progress:

The death masks are probably going to be the most significant piece of non-WYSIWYG-ness in the army. I just love the look of them but don't think it's worth paying 25pts for the ability. In any case, the other helmets in the Sanguinary Guard kit are all going to my kitbashed Honour Guard.

So, that's it for now. It's a beautiful Saturday morning and there is gaming to be done! Til next time...

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