Thursday, September 1, 2011

WIP: BA Assault Terminators and Assault Marines 3

Another progress check on the Assault Terminators and jump marines. Let's start with the terminators...

More or less acceptable on most tabletops...

I have to say, I'm feeling a bit ambiguous about this squad. On the one hand, it's all there, with a sergeant who, by virtue of the winged chalice perched (from the Sanguinary Guard set) over his head, very clearly looks like he's leading the squad. But on the other hand, Brother Claudio of Space Hulk fame...


Brother Claudio seems a bit too swish for this squad. It's a very detailed model and I don't think any amount of painting on my part can help Claudio blend in - he's got more jewelly bits on him than most Eldar! Still, comparing him to my older models, I'm pretty pleased, because even as a work in progress, I think I'm seeing improvement in my painting skillz. Here's a pic of Deino and Claudio, judge for yourself:

Does the wee base give Claudio an unfair advantage?

Moving on, here's how my first full squad of jump marines is looking now:

I'm rather pleased with the mellow yellowness of those heads. I picked up the technique somewhere (I think the GW site) by some guy with an Imperial Fists army.

Protip: If you want to learn to paint a particular colour, best to get the technique off someone who has it as his chapter colours. e.g. Ultramarines for blue, Crimson Fists for dark blue, Salamanders for green, Dark Angels for dark green/bone white and so on and so forth.

Why? Because they paint a LOT of that colour and odds are they've gotten good at getting the right balance of quick, efficient and looks awesome.
I play Blood Angels, and I LOVE. MY. REDS!!!

Oh, anyway, how I did the mello-yello helmets:

1) Spray black. Not white, because those eyes are really better off left black.
2) Iyanden Darksun. It's a Foundation colour, so thin it down and use as many coats as necessary to have a good, solid ochre colour.
3) Devlan Mud wash into the recesses.
4) Layer and touch up with Golden Yellow.

As for line highlighting, I'm not sure what next. I'm thinking either Sunburst Yellow or Bleached Bone for a really exaggerated, eye-catching highlight.

There's one thing about this squad that I'm not really satisfied with but I'll let it slip coz these buggers are a Troops choice. Take a peek at the Sanguinary Priests:

How much Skull White was used in the making of these Priests? None. What you're seeing there is Codex Grey, layered with Space Wolf Grey.

The middle Priest is the most recent addition. His lovely glossy hair is what happens when you use Krylon Satin Finish on bare plastic. A wee bit too shiny, but it doesn't matter, I'll be making him blonde soon enough.

I do realize my priests look a little plain compared to some I've seen. This is because:

1) Brother Corbulo, Sanguinary High Priest, doesn't really look all that flashy himself; and
2) I've been a cheapskate and split the parts for 1 apothecary between my 3 priests.

In between painting, I've also been rummaging through the bits box for the next elements in my army:

- Devastator squad with 4 missile launchers (sprayed and ready)
- 2nd jump marine squad with 2 meltaguns and powerfist Sgt. (5 are WIP. Need 5 more, including 1 meltagun.)
- Devastator squad with 4 plasma cannons. (2 plasma cannons waiting for spraying. Not enough parts for the rest... :-(... )

Time to dig around e-bay for bits, I think...

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