Monday, April 14, 2014

Hammer of the Emperor!

So, the Astra Militarum codex has arrived at my FLGS of choice, and it is magnificent.

Pictured: A regiment I'll never play, but I have this rather nice pin, so that's something. 

Well, it certainly seems that way, after such silliness as the most half-assed excuses for codices in GW's long history. Seriously, what the hell were they thinking with Codex: Legion of the Damned? And I must confess to feeling like a bit of a sucker for buying the infamous 1-model codex. But enough griping about the past, let's look at the glorious Astra Militarum!

This is just a quick post on first impressions, mind you. It'll be a few weeks before I test out my Guard sufficiently to make a more conclusive judgement on the efficacy of the new AM.

The Good Stuff
YARRICK! Seriously, a 40 pt drop in cost, PLUS he can now issue orders like a Senior Officer AND he has Preferred Enemy: Orks like he's meant to? So much awesome in such a reasonably priced package. But since I don't have the model and it'll be a while before I can make that happen, soddit.

Colonel Straken - A Strength 6 mortal with Smash. Not usually a fan, but what the hell, I've got some bits leftover, I might well have to give him a try. I mean, come on! Who else in the Imperium of Man can hit hard enough to instagib an Ogryn?

Need to find a loose shotgun for him...

Officer of the Fleet - In the previous edition, I was torn between getting the Astropath for more reliable reserves and the Officer for screwing with the enemy reserves. Now the Officer does both! Admittedly, only one at a time, but still full of win.

To be painted in suitably Imperial Navy-esque colours.

Leman Russes - Yay, fairer prices and Tank Commanders! BS 4 Leman Russ Exterminators, hell yes. Not to mention Vanquishers and Punishers. And with the change in points cost, I just have to find me a Plasmacutioner main gun...

Primaris Psykers - Cheap Divination! Twin-linked blob squads! Twin-linked Plasmacutioners! AND you can have 3 of these guys per Company Command, taking up NO FOC slots! I need at least a pair.

Ministorum Priests - Zealot for half the price of an Infantry Squad. And those War Hymns! All I need is a way to deliver him and some Hammernators into the same melee...

Veteran squads - Yay! Cheaper veterans with cheaper carapace armour!

The Wyvern - Point for point, this is an unreasonably good artillery piece. 2 of these will make a mockery of the enemy's light infantry.

Conscripts are EVEN CHEAPER. I love these boxes even more now.

Heirlooms of Conquest - Nothing here that's really rubbish for the points, I think, but for the price of a Veteran squad, you can give everything within 6" of your Company Commander Preferred Enemy. Oh, wow...

The OK stuff
Vendettas and Chimera get a price hike - fair enough, especially on the Vendetta. The 5th ed price to put 3 twin-linked lascannons in the air was actually kinda rude.

Tempestus Scions - They actually look playable now. Maybe. Maybe...

Tauroxes - Ok, fine, they're actually not that bad for their points cost, but I'm still leery of putting something with that little armour in an AM army.

Bullgryns - They actually look pretty good for the points, I think. But, I really can't be arsed to field them, my hobby table is full enough as it is...

I've been led to understand that the new orders are better than before. Time to prep more Voxcasters...

The Bleargh Stuff
Hydras lose Interceptor. Crap.

The Valkyrie got a price hike, turning a crappy flier into an absurdly overpriced crappy flier.

Bye bye, Marbo. It was fun while it lasted. Guess he's just gonna see action as Sgt Marbo now...

Conclusions thus far
I like this Codex. I must inflict it, and soon.

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