Sunday, June 9, 2013


Those of you who know me would know I'm a big fan of KR Multicases. Today, I just got my hands on this:

Handsome little thing, yes? 

Lotsa pockets to the front, sides and back...

This lurvely bag is big enough to hold 1 KR cardboard case. In my case, this would mean:
  • Deathwing;
  • a Blood Angel Jump army;
  • a nice Khador or Menoth army; or
  • all my X-Wing ships!
Of course, I didn't just pick up the bag. I also got myself a KR Cardboard case for my X-Wing minis. Here it is...

And all the foam trays in all their glory...

Me likey. The way I used to carry my X-Wing minis, it would take something like 10 minutes for me to unload the minis, assemble the squadrons and ready a battlefield. This is MUCH easier and more convenient (though perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing) as lugging them about in a happy little furoshiki.

Note the tray for the tokens. Easily enough there for Focus, Evade, Shields, Stress, Target Locks, Critical Hits and Ion tokens and space for a few more.

Here's a closer look at the slots for the fighters:

A nice little fit, keeping those fragile little X-Wings safe and sound. The slots are big enough to squeeze the movement dials in there, too. And where are the TIE Fighters, you ask? Well, that's one little area in which the KR foam trays fell short... Have a look-see...

Dammit. Maybe with double-length stands?

Ah, pity... Still, it's not that much of an issue. The pros far outweigh this one minor con. So, yeah. If you're an X-Wing fan, KR's got something for you. I luv you, KR... 

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