Sunday, June 2, 2013

Deathwing woe!


Seriously, I thought I had a pretty good thing going with my dear old Deathwing... This is the list I'd been fielding for the past few months. It's great fun (if absurdly stressful when those squads of Terminators come teleporting in...) and has held its own against some excellent armies. Now, during a scrap against David's Ravenwing, I learnt that Deathwing Sergeants aren't allowed to take Storm Shields and Thunder Hammers!

Blast and damnation... As it is, I've got 3 lovingly crafted Sergeants with hammers and shields. Guess they're going to have to be proxies for plain old Storm Bolter and Power Sword sergeants until GW does something to rectify this lunacy...

In the meantime, there's plenty else to keep me occupied. Things like my trusty Necrons and Blood Angels. And the Black Legion, of course. So many lists to try... so little time...

On the X-Wing front, oh man, I really couldn't resist expanding my fleets. It's an awesome game, with an excellent balance of luck, skill and Star Wars coolness. If I had to name one big gripe about this game, it's that Darth Vader isn't more killy. I mean, come on! It's Vader!

How am I supposed to fit the Millenium Falcon in there, eh?
 And that's it from me. Haven't been doing batreps for a while, alas. Been kinda busy on several fronts. Anyways, here's a shot of what's on the workbench now, besides the usual pile of models to paint, of course...

Yep... Frickin' Deathwing Sgts... Coz if there's anything I hate more than a FAQ that hurts my armies, it's going to war without WYSIWYG models...

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  1. Oh oh what tragedy... Cheng misquoting big time on basic codex rule? Must be a double blow on both professional and hobbyist pride >:D

    On the off note that would almost completely nullified how your army work and past misguided victories. It would be interesting to see how you can make Deathwing works again