Saturday, January 19, 2013

Recent battles for the glory of Khador

Been having some fun with my lovely new pVlad. It's great, he's a wonderfully straightforward caster to use, and you can pretty much chuck anything you want into his army and it'll work! Lately, though, I've been lazy to field the Winter Guard, so here's the list I've been using:

Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Prince
War Dog
Winter Guard Mortar Crew
Winter Guard Mortar Crew
Man-O-War Kovnik

Of course, the Destroyer is under the Kovnik's control. Nothing complicated here. I use Signs & Portents to pummel the foe with deadly accurate artillery as the armies close. Those mortars are excellent for softening things that could threaten the Jacks. Pretty much anything that could slug it out one-on-one with a Khadoran jack is going to have a pretty low DEF - low enough that mortars under Signs & Portents stand a good chance of scoring direct hits with a nasty POW 16. Vladimir's feat also puts the 3 big beastly jacks under him in the uncommon (for Khador) position of being able to get the first charge in, with a charge range of 11". 13" with Boundless charge. 15" if I had a Spriggan. Which I now do (more on that later).

Now, I don't really consider this list very competitive, but it's not a complete pushover, either. How did it perform? Read on for abbreviated accounts of 2 recent scraps...

Vs Lexiss' Skorne

Titan Gladiator
Bronzeback Titan
Cyclops Brute
4 Paingiver Beast Handlers
Orin Midwinter
Totem Hunter
Swamp Gobbers

Knowing what Vlad could do for my jacks' charge ranges, he was a bit more cautious in approaching. Basically, this game came down to the moment when I popped my feat and hurled my jacks forward. The plan was to use the Juggernaut, Berserker, and mortars to pummel Tiberion into the ground, and let the Kodiak temporarily cripple the Skorne forces' punch by using its Smash and Grab to chuck the Gladiator out of Morghoul's control area.

Alas, the dice were not with me, even with Signs & Portents. Tiberion was badly mauled, but survived. And the Kodiak missed its attempt to throw the Gladiator. It pretty much went downhill from there, and over a long, slow vicious slugfest, the Khadoran jacks fell, and the Bronzeback charged and killed Vladimir...

Vs Junyet's Scyrah

Adeptis Rahn
Houseguard Halderdiers and Unit Attachment
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution

Now this was an interesting scrap - A colossal! I've never been a fan of them, seeing as for their price (IRL) I could easily pick up something which gives me far more bang for my back from GW. And, seeing as I play Khador, a faction which doesn't really comprehend the concept of Light Warjacks, I didn't really have a reason to ever want one, and if anything, I find myself compelled to kill colossals any chance I get...

So how did it go? As we closed, I focused my guns on softening up the Hyperion. Junyet hurled his halberdiers into my jacks to bog them down and hit my right flank hard with the Phoenix. All the while, the Hyperion plodded steadily at me, blasting away with its guns and Rahn directed the battle, way, way behind, at the limit of his control area. My forces crumbled slowly under the onslaught, but my jacks' resilience kept them alive long enough to deal some telling blows against the Hyperion.

Soon it was just Vladimir and the Destroyer (running autonomously, Eiryss killed the Kovnik) against the Hyperion. The Mortar Crews were engaged with the halberdiers. The Phoenix was clambering over the wreckage of my jacks, too far to get at Vladimir. Time for death or glory!

The Destroyer cut into the Hyperion once more with its axe. Vladimir cast Blood of Kings and hurled himself into the Hyperion, wrecking it, then casting Wind Wall. With the Hyperion down, the only hostile in reach was Eiryss, but with Wind Wall up and Vladimi r pumped up, engaging with Eiryss would be suicide, so she ran towards the Halberdiers to help mop up the Mortar Crews. The Mortar Crews were faring surprisingly well, and slew 3 Halberdiers before falling themselves. The Phoenix tried to charge Vladimir, but Junyet misjudged the distance and the charge failed. Vladimir then cast Blood of Kings and Boundless Charge, hurtling straight towards Rahn. Rahn suddenly found himself facing Vladimir alone. With DEF 18, Rahn's attempts to cast Force Hammer and Telekinesis, anything to get Vladimir further away from him, failed. When spells failed, Rahn, tried to back away, clambering behind a fence, but with Blood of Kings, Vladimir simply walked right next to Rahn, who was easy prey for Vladimir's blades...

All in all, a good day's gaming. Vladimir is a heap of fun to play. I think the trick to him is knowing precisely when to stop casting Signs & Portents and turn on Blood Of Kings and go for the kill. With Parry and a 12" charge,

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