Saturday, January 26, 2013

Love those new jacks!

Still some way to go...
Couldn't resist getting a quick game in with my lovely new Spriggan and Devastator, even though they were just sprayed black. I threw together this happy list:

The Butcher

That's right, a Butcher his big horrible dog and 5 big stompy jacks. I found it to be quite a fun mix. The general strategy was simple:
  1. Receive the enemy's charge on the big tough Devastator, with the hard hitters, i.e. the Juggernaut and Spriggan keeping close behind in the second wave. 
  2. If the Devastator survives, great! Push right on ahead, popping the Butcher's feat and using Full Throttle and some carefully placed focus to kill every big killy thing within reach. 
  3. If not, even better! That generally means the enemy has expended quite a lot of resources to take down the Devastator, and there's LOTS of big things to kill nearby! 
Well, it worked against Lexiss' Skorne, and I know from experience his list hits absurdly hard. Noting the fate of my poor Devastator, I now know a Bronzeback with a little support can smash pretty much ANYTHING in a single charge.

Anyway, I'm exceedingly pleased with these 2 jacks. On the table, they are magnificent and with the current range of jacks and casters at my disposal, there's plenty of scope for a huge variety of armies and strategies. I'll probably post an army list or two later. For the moment, stay tuned, this weekend, the Necrons march once more...

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