Monday, September 3, 2012

This wing and that wing and things...

Busy, busy, busy! Just got myself a copy of Limited Edition Dark Vengeance, meaning no new major additions until I catch up on a huge pile of painting!

Not much for me to say about the box that hasn't already been said a dozen times over on various other blogs. What I will point out is that I love the teeny tiny rulebook:

That, and man, GW's plastics just keep getting better and better. I've decided to get started painting the Ravenwing and Deathwing elements first, seeing as the job is already half done just on undercoating the models. I also put together the Dark Angel characters, since they just looked like fun. 

Most experienced painters will tell you that the most difficult colours to paint well are black and white. I suppose the difficulty lies is bringing depth to these two colours. I've gotten started on a Deathwing Terminator and here's a test model stood next to his evil, undercoated twin:

I'm rather pleased with the result. The technique is exactly the same as I've been using to paint white on my Menoth minis:

1. Start with white. Any white, as long as it's whitey white. What you see on the right hand Terminator is Krylon Flat White.
2. Wash Devlan Mud/Agrax Earthshade into all the recesses.
3. Layer and clean up the shading with Ulthuan Grey.
4. Pick out the edges with whatever white you've got. Ceramite. Whitescar. Whatever.

And that's that! I know it's not quite the boney, creamy white so often favoured by Deathwing as they appear in White Dwarf, but personally, I prefer this shade of white. Will post more pics when I've made more progress with my Deathwing. Until then, happy wargaming...


  1. Yeouch... make my white marine look crappy..

    1. It's not that hard. Just start with one of your Rhinos and use this technique on it. As long as you've got good discipline in keeping your brush tips sharp, as you get more experienced, your hand will get steadier and you can do marines pretty easily, too.