Thursday, August 30, 2012

Widowmakers and Drakhun

... because what Khador player can do without them, eh?

Both are excellent additions to any army list, and they're pretty nice models as well, so here's what I've done with mine...

A steam-powered man and his horse.

Another view. Still not sure how to paint the eyes.
The Drakhun is simply an excellent solo to have in nearly any Khador army. Warmachine is a game that greatly rewards synergy, in that nearly any given unit, solo, warjack etc. is acceptable on its own, but can be made far more lethal with the right support. The Drakhun is one of those rare models that are simply vicious even without any help from a caster. He, the big honking gun on his shield AND his absurdly large horse ALL hit at POW 14! It has an ARM stat to match most heavy warjacks and with Weapon Master, the Drakhun can deal tremendous damage on the charge. Anyway, you don't need me to tell you all the cool tricks you can pull off with a model this awesome, take a peek at Battle College's entry for some good combos.

Next up, Widowmakers:

Monocle means more badass. That, and the bigger gun. Also, I love this guy's coat! I want one!

Just got these ready for the tabletop yesterday. Still a couple of details and highlighting to go before I varnish them. As you can see, I haven't much imagination so the great bulk of my models look like a shoddier version of the models as painted for the Khador army book. This isn't to say I take no pride in my work! It's simply because of 2 reasons:

1) I love gaming. I only ever paint a model for the purpose of it looking good on the gaming table. As such, I have this fear of spending an absurd amount of effort on a single model, only for it to get chipped or damaged in battle. Not good.

2) Seriously, the dudes who paint the stuff in the army books are pros. How good are they compared to my own meagre skills? Look closely at the butt of the squad leader's rifle here:

See that pattern? Look at her right forearm. That stuff's not moulded on, that's just mad skills with a brush. Hats off to the heroes who paint these things, but man, I just wanna get stuff painted and on the table...

Anyway, enough about the painting. Widowmakers are another old reliable for Khador. Reasonably priced and an excellent means of pinging away your opponent's infantry at range. Best kept to a flank so your opponent's attention is firmly fixed on your main force. Play cleverly and your Widowmakers can quietly spend the game picking off key models without harassment.

Anyway, that's it from me for now. Happy wargaming...

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  1. I think your paint job is more than just passable for the gaming table. You can submit your work to Legio Golden Kris and may actually win something.