Thursday, September 20, 2012

WIP: Death Company!

Just a little post to prod myself into painting these up:

These guys were amongst the first minis I collected for my Blood Angels, though many never saw action.  Even then I knew I'd never consider giving them bolters or jump packs. 

But seriously, 6th ed appears to have been kind to the Death Company, most notably with the change in the Rage USR.  In 5th ed, playing Death Company was mostly a case of bunging them inside a transport of some sort, then trying to release the buggers at just the right time.  Stormravens and Land Raiders made this task a little easier, of course, but once released, they were pretty much out of your hands.

Now, in lovely 6th ed, the Death Company have reached new heights of lethality, being 3 points cheaper than Khorne Berserkers but with 1 more attack, Feel No Pain AND Relentless, with no disadvantage other than being unable to hold objectives - and let's be honest, if you're putting Death Company on the board, you have only one objective, and that's to wipe the other guy off the board.

I'll be fielding the Death Company differently from the way I did in 5th.  In 5th, thanks to Furious Charge giving +1 Initiative, one could do well with a handful of them armed to the teeth with power weapons, and they could quite often reduce anything they charged to mush (including big horrible Tyranid beasties, I found to my great pleasure).  6th ed, however, requires a different approach.

Overwatch has made assault a more risky affair.  This has been good for my Necron Warrior blob, who have been saved from a charge more than once by their 40 BS1 gauss flayer shots. Not so for my Blood Angels, who now need to work a little harder to get into close combat. Striking at I4 is another thing that's going to sting.  My solution?  More bodies, less shiny weapons.  I'm looking to try fielding 10 Death Company Marines with only 3 power weapons.  We'll see how it goes when I test out my latest list...


  1. I say... more bodies and no power weapon. Get a few powerfist instead. You have enough bodies to hold atleast 1 assault to allow your Fist to dish out its damage.

    Also add Lemartes.. Once he lose 1 wound. We are looking at on the charge 8 Str 8 AP4 attacks. Reroll to hit and wound.

  2. Lemartes has no place in my army, since I don't play jumping Death Company and to do so is just too expensive.