Friday, February 24, 2012

All hail the Crimson King!

Been a while since I posted anything, what with work and stuff getting in my way. Here's a couple of pics of what I've been up to...

Behold... the Crimson King! Still a work in progress, but I'm well pleased with how he's turning out. I think he's got a more lordly look to him than my previous Overlord. And a bit more character, thanks to the red, practised over dozens of Blood Angels...  Made from the Overlord model that comes with the Catacomb Command Barge. I swapped out the head of his warscythe for something a bit beefier I cobbled together from some spare Lychguard Warscythe and Hyperphase Swords. Here's a better view:

My Necron army is now complete, with not one proxy :-) Well, apart from a little painting, of course... So far they've performed beautifully, except against one particularly crazy shooty IG army, but hey, the dice gods really had a thing against me that day. 7 of 9 4+ cover saves failed, followed by a failed morale check which killed off the centre of my army, the 20 Warrior blob. At Ld 10, that's just cursed. Seriously, any Necron player can tell you how insanely hard it is for a blob of 20 Warriors to die, when supported by an orb-bearing Lord/Overlord and flanked by Ghost Arks. Be that as it may, I like this army and I'm not changing a thing until the 2nd wave rolls out.

In other news I've been working on a Descent of Angels army. Pretty standard stuff as you'd see looking around the Net, but I'm looking to field Sanguinary Guard. Why? Dang, just look at them!

They look so pretty on the tabletop! But man, those wings are tedious as hell... By the way, the gold was done by slapping on layer after layer of Shining Gold until it's nice and solid, then lining all of it with Chestnut Ink. Chestnut Ink is out of production, but I understand Devlan Mud works just as well. 

I'll be fielding 5 Guard, with a Powerfist, 2 Plasma pistols and 2 Infernus Pistols.250pts of pretty vicious whupass, especially if a Priest is nearby. Will post results as soon as I get the chance to try it out.

Also, I've just gotten my grubby paws on some very conveniently coloured khaki and olive green spray paint. As such, I couldn't resist the temptation and began my first baby steps towards his Divine Majesty's Imperial Guard! Check this out...

This Leman Russ got from the box to this stage in under 12 hours. Built it, sprayed it khaki, slapped big gobs of Blu-tack on, sprayed again with green, then washed the whole thing with Devlan Mud.

These Guardsmen were similarly quick to paint. Sprayed with khaki, picked out the flesh with Tallarn Flesh and the armour with Knarloc Green. Washed the flesh with Ogryn Flesh and everything else with Devlan Mud and Bob's your mother's brother. That more or less sorts out the basic paint scheme.

The Guard army is still in its infancy, but I've got a pretty clear idea in my head what direction I want it to take. Just look at the themes of the rest of my armies:

Blood Angels:- Super-fast elite mechanized assault OR wee red fleas.
Necrons:- Implacable horde of metal skellingtons.
Grey Knights:- Super duper elite. It doesn't get more elite than Draigowing.
Black Legion:- Underdogs quietly waiting for a new codex... :-(
Imperial Guard:- ....?

TANKS!!! And then... MORE TANKS!!! Supported by tank-killing Vendetta Gunships so that only the roar of MY battlecannons thunder across the battlefield! Seriously, that's the plan. Minimal troops Chimeras supported by 2 Vendettas, 2 Leman Russes, 1 Plasmacutioner and 1 Manticore.

Where'd all that armour come from? Here: Just snapped up 9 vehicles all at once last weekend, when I saw that they were on 25% (!!!) discount. I hear the discount is up again this weekend, so, if you've got a connection in the UK, move fast!

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